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  1. maggie99501

    Cobbled Court Quilt series

    My all time favorite quilt themed fiction is Between Heaven and Texas by Marie Bostwick. It is about the life of women and the quilting that happens along the way. This book was very heart warming. A great book club read.
  2. maggie99501

    Blue Ribbon

    My first ribbon!
  3. I entered this quilt in the Evergreen State Fair (Washington State). I wanted the experience. It is the first time I have entered a quilt in the fair. and I got First Place in my class!
  4. I have not been at the long arm in a couple of weeks. getting ready for guests in a couple of weeks. We are doing a half-marathon (walking), so I am also preparing for that.
  5. oh my, my heart just breaks for the woman. the quilt is beautiful! I am a pre-wash fanatic. and with reds, I will stitch a small bit of muslin to the red fabric when I pre-wash. That way I know if the red fabric will need further treatment.
  6. I love all the amazing stuff people are doing! quilty and otherwise! I love all the pictures. My long arm work is on hold while I am rushing to get a puff quilt finished. I have a DIL, that had one as a child, and she talks about how much she loved that quilt. so I am making her a puff quilt. I would like to have it done by beginning of September.
  7. maggie99501

    Quilt pics with Elmer

    Lots a love in this quilt! I love it!
  8. I am kind of new here. I have a millenium. I am not a natural longarm quilter, but I am persistent! This is a great thread for getting to meet-n-greet. Breast Biopsies are no fun. I am a 12 year breast cancer survivor. Today I am taking a quilt to the fair. This is the first quilt I have ever shown. I don't expect any ribbons, but I hope one person looks at my quilt and is inspired.
  9. maggie99501

    NQR Request for Prayers

    Cancer sucks! take care.
  10. I always unplug my machine when I leave the room. I could never give a good reason why I do this, now I have a good reason. I am also the person that can't leave a toaster plugged in when we aren't using it. I am glad there was no damage beyond the machine!
  11. Yes, so very much worth the effort. To watch the garden grow. and that one small tomato eaten straight off the vine on a cool summer eve. And the philosophy that makes us laugh too...LOL
  12. maggie99501

    Barn quilt

    I love the perfect details! Fantastic!
  13. maggie99501

    What iron do you have?

    I love the Pacific Steam iron. I had thought I might eventually get the Rowenta, and am so glad I haven't upgraded yet. I have fought with my irons. I thought it was me, but my irons were failing at a rate of one every couple of years. The Rowenta Steamium has lasted me a couple of years and even survived the last thunderstorm. (the phone junction box and our dryer heating element both failed in the last thunder storm)
  14. I want this app! I am now holding my breath for the android version!
  15. maggie99501

    pencil quilt

    I like! what a great collection of fabrics for the quilts!