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  1. Do you have service records on this machine? Please send me your contact information . My email is byegonn@aol.com
  2. Where in Utah is it located? Does is have channel locks?
  3. Can you please contact pm me at byegonn@aol.com with your contact info. Lucy
  4. Please send me a email with your contact information. I am located East of Colorado Springs. Byegonn@aol.com
  5. Is this sold? I have an Ult I with a 14'table. The table frame is black. I am interested in this is it will fit. Please ermail me at byegonn@aol.com. Lucy
  6. Are The rails still in Colorado Springs, I need one due to a groove in one of my rails. I have a 14' table with alum rails. Please e- mail me the information if they are still in this area . at byegonn@aol.com . I am in the Peyton area . Thanks
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