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  1. I loved Amy Stuarts APQS Maintenance class. Because of that class I ordered everything I need for the replaceable feet. I am pretty sure I can tackle timing my machine now. Thanks Amy! I also took several of Dawn Cavanaughs classes. They were all great. I had a really bad cold for the whole thing, but still managed to learn a lot. My favorite quilt was the Americana one that won a prize. A friend said it is not on the DVD of all of the quilts, but I took several pictures of it on preview night. I am not sure what the name of the quilt was, but it was a big red and blue mariners compass on a white background with borders that looked like bunting.
  2. I am taking the APQS Maintanance class on Thursday evening too. I am also taking the Piecing on Your Stand Up Machine on Friday and the Background Grid Work Fillers class on Sunday.
  3. Try Febreze Fabric Refresher. I know the Febreze air freshners work great for litter box odors and such. I would think the fabric refresher would work just as good. Since it is made for fabric I doubt if it would stain anything. Although I would try it on some other fabric first. I would be afraid to wash it prior to quilting. I would think the raw edge seems would all ravel.
  4. I have not posted much, but I have read and learned a lot from all of you that do post on a regular basis. Thanks so much for all that you have unknowingly taught me.
  5. I love all the pet pictures. Here are our two Burmese cats. The champagne is Toby Mockingbird Keith. The Platinum is Garth The Dance Brooks. The picture is them in my square dance slip. They also think the long arm is their hammock so they don't get in the sewing room when a quilt is on the machine.
  6. This machine has been sold. I purchased a Millennium a couple of years ago so I need to sell my lightly used Viking Mega Quilter and Inspira frame. I have only made 4 quilts with it. It is 5 years old. I would like to sell it for new price $1,000.The Mega Quilter is a great general sewing and piecing machine and combined with the Inspira frame is a mid arm quilting machine. The Inspira frame is the model that has the table for the pantos on the top so you can have it against the wall because you do everything from the front of the machine. The frame can be set up as 5 foot or 10 foot. It includes a stitch regulator, a walking foot, and lights have been added under the upper table. It also includes the cruise control.The details of the machine can be found at this link: http://www.husqvarna...com/us/3537.htmI live in southern California. My husband and I would be willing to deliver it and set it up anywhere in the southern California, Las Vegas or Laughlin area.
  7. I use the designs from emblibrary all the time and I use the embird, http://www.embird.com/, software to add multiple designs together or to add lettering. It's the best embroidery editing software for the money. I have been using it for a lot of years now. I do have the Husquavarna software, but I like embird a lot better and it is a whole lot cheaper.
  8. Hearst Castle is awesome. Pismo Beach is also nice and the Great American Melodrama Theater is great http://www.americanmelodrama.com/
  9. Thanks everyone for answering my question about doing SID on a jelly roll quilt. I suggested to my friend that an all over design would work great and she agreed. Most of the time I just read and learn a lot from all of you. I need to get brave and start quilting all of the tops I have ready to go. I have been practicing on muslin for a long time now. I don't want to say how long. I am not usually afraid to just jump in. Thanks, Sabrina
  10. Would stitch in the ditch be the best way to quilt a jelly roll quilt? Or would an all over panto be better? This quilt is king size and the jelly roll rows are all horizontal. I am a newbe and have not tired stitch in the ditch on anything yet.
  11. I just bought my Millie in January and didn't receive it until the end of February. Two months later the Bliss was announced. I would have waited for the new system if someone would have told me about it. Now the Bliss sounds wonderful, since I think there is way too much drag with my current set up. I know I am a beginner and I need lots of practice, but I feel like I should have been told that if I wait two or three months I would be able to get the latest upgrade for a lot less money. Now after just buying my machine a few months ago I am looking at a $3000 upgrade. I am not a happy camper. When I buy a new car I know when the new model is going to come out and I can make a decision to wait a few months or not. With this machine I didn't get that option. If I would have known I would have waited the couple of months to buy it. Even if I wouldn't have received it until three or four months later. Is there any kind of a deal for people like me who just bought there machine?
  12. I just got a new Milli a couple of weeks ago. We have been working on setting her up. Some of the parts came scratched up really bad so we had replacement parts sent out. Hopefully I will be able to try it out next week. I have been lurking for a few weeks, but this is my first question. I am sure I will have many more as I actually start to use the machine. I took a class at Road to CA where Marilyn showed us how to clean and oil the machine everyday before you start quilting. I don't remember her even mentioning WD40. What do you use it for?
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