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  1. This is the link to the information about the Hartley expander. Im not sure about the round versus square....but the expander isn't really round.
  2. Hi, I have a Harley Base expander that fits an APQS Long Arm that has a thread cutter. I recently purchased a 2019 model that requires a Hartley base for a machine that does not have a thread cutter. Its' never been used and in perfect shape. Happy to trade or sell for $85.00. Or make an offer. Seems like someone should be using it. If you would like a picture, I can insert...thanks. Phone number: 530-515-2985
  3. Greetings, You are going to love taking this Millie for a ride. It produces a great stitch. Maintenance has been performed routinely as APQS suggests. The machine sits on a 12 foot table, not Bliss. It has the front and back handles, pantograph laser, Horizontal and Vertical locks. 26 inch throat. Stitch regulated or full speed, as you prefer. Purchase includes The automatic bobbin winder, manual, DVD with manual and maintenance description, pantographs, bobbins and boxes for shipment. $7000.00 or Best offer. Phone and Contact: 530-515-2985 or ms3488 Location: Bend Oregon or Reno Nevada. Purchased in September of 2009
  4. Looks like he is still open. Use link above