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  1. Another possibility is to do away with the clamps altogether. I cut them off, sewed a fabric 'tongue' to each elastic, and pin that to the backing. It's easier on the hands, too. Just a thought that works for me.
  2. Laurie, It's an adorable quilt. Can you tell me whose stripes (the fabric in the setting triangles) those are? I recognize the stripes in the blocks as belonging to the moda line. Also, how big did you make this quilt? It is adorable. I have some of the big monkey fabric with pink background as well as some of the coordinating fabric....bought on spec....too cute to pass up!!! And along comes a baby girl to my husband's niece. :-) Going to be saving the banana quilting design, for sure. Thanks. Linda
  3. The lines you stitches are perfect complements to the lines of the quilt. Thanks for the picture! We do learn a lot from them, don't we?
  4. As others have said: Perfect! Perfect! Nice work!
  5. Very cool, Jeanne! Thanks for the inspiration. I was just about to do a feather panto on a quilt for my brother and sister-in-law...now I will have to take another look. Another thing.....I bet your feathers are just great, too! But I understand totally!!!
  6. Thanks! We used a cotton prewound in the bobbin and it was fine. We set the stitch length at 10, and that worked fine, too. Thanks again for all your help.
  7. One more thing...ya right!....I had not thought much about bobbin thread. Do you think it is okay to use cotton?
  8. Sonja.... I have only done practice stitching so far, but I have used the vertical thread holder. My domestic came with a little plastic topper thing for spools and I have placed that on top of the spool. So far, so good. No uses. But we will be doing serious quilting later today or tomorrow. I will keep you posted. I will say this...my tight little stitch-test meander looked pretty dense in the dark last night. Bonnie is right in saying that a medium to large density meander would be best. If we don't get to this today I will do more test stitching with varying lengths and density. Stay tuned.
  9. Cool, Bonnie! My friend is going to quilt this herself and is planning on doing a meander. What about the stitch length, though? Or doesn't it matter if it is short or long? Thanks for your help! Linda
  10. Hi! My friend and I are about to start stitching on a quilt for her nephew, using Superior's NiteLite Extra Glow thread. I'm sure he will like it. We just did a few test stitches before quitting today, and all is going well. It doesn't seem to be a 'high maintenance' thread at all. Phew! My question is......in your experience....does it work better for the total effect if the stitch is a bit on the long side? short side? Or doesn't it matter? I'm going to have to wait till dark to see how the test strip looks. But I thought I would pick your brains, too. Thanks.
  11. Check out this book: Quilts from Grandmother's Garden by Jaynette Huff. The cover is a great idea, and there are others in the book. I love your idea Sue....a bouquet of GMFs.....hmmm.
  12. I am working on a Grandmother's Flower Garden, too. I got the hexagons from http://www.paperpieces.com/ and boy has that simplified the process. As mentioned, it is a great project to keep in a sandwich baggie or work on watching TV or with friends....not concentration required. I am using the 1 and 1/4 inch hexagons. I would recommend them...the flower is a nice size. My goal is to use only fabrics from my stash for the flowers. I'm considering putting them together as is without a background color...but I have a ways to go before I decide that.
  13. And again...I realized that you cannot use the quick reply for pics!!!
  14. Going to try for a couple of pics!!! /Users/lindaw/Desktop/DSCN8824.jpg /Users/lindaw/Desktop/DSCN8823.jpg
  15. This quilt was made with a pillowcase method for some of the cores, which were then fused to a plaid background. Sounds confusing, but half of the cores are fused and we are concerned about really making sure that they stay put. Thanks for all your ideas. My friend and I are ready to start but find ourselves still staring at it!!!!! Waiting for inspiration requires PATIENCE!!!
  16. Hi, I'm presently loading an apple core quilt....still thinking about what to do with it. Any ideas? Thanks!!!
  17. Hester, Does that design start with a center spine, or no? I'm thinking that it just all builds as you go without doing the spine.....which would be great for just moving along a really long diagonal.
  18. Rita, I also mark that last length of panto with the marker. That way we don't have to do any more stitching than necessary. If the panto is complicated I redraw some of it to eliminate stitching that falls off the quilt. Same with the edges. I redraw lines that will get me from place to place without wasting thread.
  19. I line my pantos up against the metal trim that is along the outer edge of the panto area. Some of the paper is exposed, but that has never caused a problem. I figure that if I move the panto further in then I am just reaching more to follow it. I also use dry erase markers, a ruler and the laser light to draw a line on that plastic cover where the edges of the quilt fall on the panto. Then I scoot the panto left and right, adjusting it so that I'm happy with how the design falls on both edges of the quilt. Be careful not to draw on any exposed paper, or that line will be permanent. Learn from my experience.
  20. I'm working on a Grandmother's Flower Garden, too!!! My challenge to myself is to make all the flowers using only fabric that I own.....not buying anything specifically for it, except maybe the backing. I have yards of the orange fabric that I'm using for the centers. Orange is not my favorite color, and I can't figure why I have so much of this. It seems a bit schizoid to me to do all this handwork and then quilt it by machine. BUT it will be quilted by machine, for sure!!! In the meantime....this is a very portable project as many have mentioned. Linda I find myself admiring all the gorgeous yarns out there now. Makes my crocheting hands twitch....but I force myself to walk away. So far.... :-)
  21. 9patch


    Hi, all. I was wondering....if there is a list of maintenance steps that lay out the steps on the video. I have watched the video and done the steps as I watched, but I did not take notes. I'm not looking forward to doing the video again, yet I worry that I have missed something..... Wishing I had written it all down, Linda
  22. At the time I was talking to my insurance company we had finished my sewing room addition and I was updating our insurance. When I did get a quote for adding a home business rider, the cost was quite reasonable. I will have to check back with them to make sure we are all on the same page. And get it in writing. Thanks!