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  1. Hello Everyone, I hope this makes sense...I have a huge quilt (for me) to put on my Millie with a 12' frame and IQ. How can I figure out what size to make the panto so it will work even at the end when this quilt starts taking up space. The quilt is 112 x 121 and I am using QD Dream Puff batting. If you think a different Quilters Dream batting would be better, please advise. Thanks so much
  2. Thank you all for your kind remarks! Sorry for the delay with answers.... The quilt was done with IQ. The panto is Harbour Waves by Marybeth O’Halloran & Patricia Ritter I loaded the quilt “sideways” so I wasn’t sure this design would work, but I needed to get it to the bride by that Monday :-) The batting is Quilters Dream Dream Puff
  3. Just finished this wedding quilt for the daughter of a good friend. Unfortunately I cannot custom quilt (yet) like so many of you can do, and do so well! I hope this encourages other beginners! It was so nice not to have tension issues...I think pre-wound bobbins are my friends.
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