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  1. Update The Swirls and Seven Treasures boards are sold pending. Thanks, Pamela
  2. Thanks everyone. I will keep you posted. With tears of gratitude,
  3. Sorry, something happened and I think I deleted the post I was previewing, so I hope this is not a repeat post. If I could trouble those of you so inclined for a prayer request for my husband Steve, My 62 yr old husband was diagnosed with lymphoma in January 2012. All the doctors were very surprised at the diagnosis and although so far he has not "needed" chemo now there is a lump they want to check out with a CT scan on Monday. In January this year my mother died and since then Steve's numbers have not been great, income/retirement worries have increased and I had a health scare of
  4. Hi, I have the following Circle Lord Long Boards For Sale: Pricing does not include shipping etc. from 45069. USA sales only Photos upon request. Original Owner....lightly used. Baptist Fan 15" 132" $250 Swirls 15" 123" $275 Second Owner...lightly used. Seven Treasures 12" 129" $235 Fan Clam 12" 123" $235 Thanks, Pamela psvenndex at gmail.com
  5. My Quiltazoid with Spiro is still available, I only used some items once, other items never used.
  6. Sold Pending Thank you. Pamela
  7. Hi, I have the following Circle Lord Long Boards for sale: Pricing does not include shipping etc. from SW Ohio. USA sales only Original Owner....lightly used. Baptist Fan 15" 132" $225 Second Owner...lightly used Fan Clam 12" 123" $200 Thanks, Pamela psvenndex at gmail.com
  8. I second the idea of going to Lowe's. We were there several months ago and stumbled across their iron display...who knew? My then current iron's Teflon coating was coming off on fabrics YUCK so I bought a Sunbeam Turbo Steam Master with uncoated plate at a very good price. It works fine, has a more traditional shape/feel, lots of steam when I want steam, no sputter (I always use distilled water) and didn't cost a fortune.
  9. I will probably be listing my Mille. and other items soon but before I do; I was wondering how other sellers requested/received payment. Thanks for any help
  10. Go to FabricShack.com There is a royal blue when you search Wilmington Essentials
  11. Back side. I don't think she like the bright colors, so it's probably stuck in the back of the closet...for another bride I'm sticking to black and white!
  12. I made the City Bank quilt for my niece's wedding. I used the CL clamshell long board
  13. Thanks Heidi, I have an apostrophe, so maybe that is the problem.
  14. What am I supposed to do when this message comes up? Thanks MySQL has encountered an unknown error. To find out the exact problem, please set the DEBUG flag to true in config.php.
  15. Some random thoughts... Many of my daughter's friends went into nursing when they graduated from HS/started college in 2007. Around that time there was a huge nursing shortage for the previous 5-6 years...now there is a glut of nurses even for those with BSNs. However most of her friends did find jobs when they graduated last year (BSNs in SW Ohio). I would not study for less than an RN. Around here LPN is a dying profession. My daughter graduated with a music ed. degree and is still looking for a job...but I digress... Starting and maintaining your own business (I had a non-quilt relate
  16. psvenn


    I'm considering buying a Quiltazoid and was wondering what templates are your favorites. Thank you!
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