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  1. If you are at a computer regularly through the day and want to journal...try I'm not affiliated in any way, but have tried it. It is free and my daughter has done very well using it to journal. HTH
  2. While Fabric Shack has regular hours, some of the many shops in Waynesville have closed in the past couple of years, and the current shops may have limited hours during weekdays. Enjoy your visit, great shop, good variety of fabric and decent prices. Here is more info:'>
  3. Hi All, My Mille. is just a year old and lives in the basement. We do NOT have a dehumidifier, but our basement doesn't seem damp/musty. Anyway, it would seem based on this discussion that I should have one. Any recommendations? Thanks...
  4. Heidi, Thinking of you all. A friend of mine has a similar situation here with her sure takes a toll on everyone.
  5. Congratulations. Fair winds and following seas!
  6. Heidi, Wishing you peace, discernment and strength in the days ahead.
  7. I'm planning on going to the show. I live in Liberty Township, a northern suburb of Cincinnati.
  8. Well said. I hope that all is well and may I add that this list has certainly been wonderful for this newbie!
  9. Thanks Heidi, I don't want you to have to go through it again with pix etc. It should make sense when I go through step by step. Thanks so much for your help. I'll let you know how it goes!
  10. Heidi, Can you explain further how you did this...I'm having trouble with the "casing for the zipper." Seems like I should be able to figure this out..I hate getting old. Thanks!
  11. I was hoping the stripes would help me keep things straight, but I do have vertigo at times...hmmmmm....
  12. Thanks everyone. I found some heavier-weight ticking at JoAnns (boy, was it crowded!) and had a 50% off coupon. Now to make them tomorrow. My husband surprised me by ordering the M&M wheels today.... so hopefully between the RS and the new wheels I will feel that I am making progress since getting my Millie in April.
  13. Thanks Heidi, just caught your post before leaving...
  14. Ok....I guess there are no answers out to JoAnns...
  15. Hi, Now that I have the Red Snappers and we have an 18 hour window of no snow....I was going to run to JoAnns for mini-leader fabric. I have zippers and was going to zip the mini-leaders on for the RS. I would like to use ticking, but the ticking I have doesn't seem any heavier than quilting cotton. Do I need to get a heavier ticking, and is that hard to find at your average JoAnns? Thanks!
  16. Try
  17. Just to clarify. When I staple, the part I see when quilting is the top of the staple, as if you would be looking at a stack of papers stapled together. With the stapler plate turned around the prong part of the staples are facing away from the center not folded upon themselves as they would be when stapling papers. So when I'm quilting the prongs are not visible as they are on the underneath of the ribbon. When you are close to the zipper ribbon and are going along the staples are being dislodged by the the throat plate. I was wondering if this problem might be solved by having the prong
  18. I installed zippers with the ribbon....but didn't realize I needed 2" wide ribbon...mine is about 1" and I was having problems since I have also been using a stapler, but need to ask which way to have the staples facing. Right now i have the "prongs" facing down. I did change the plate so they are facing out. But when I run the head along, the staples are coming loose and some even flying off. I guess I need some remedial zipper/staple classes. Between learning about loading and some tension issues, I'm getting discouraged and that is before I even try to quilt. Hope the above made sen
  19. Hi Michelle, I'm new to longarmming and live in Liberty Township, halfway between Cincinnati and Dayton. Are you the one that brought all this hot weather? :-)
  20. I have: 2010 Millie Bernina 440QEE Singer 201-2 Singer Featherweight
  21. Hi Lisa, Michael called last night (Thursday) to let us know that he was emailing the missing directions for the boards and stylus and if he could be of any help over the phone. I have a practice quilt on right now so I guess I will have to take that off to raise the rollers along with the head. Oh well, I need the practice with loading anyway...
  22. Thanks Joyce and Carmen....Carmen I have emailed you.
  23. Good Evening All, Received 2 Ka'Ching templates and the stylus today in the mail. But the stylus did not have any installation husband thinks he can figure it out...but should there have been directions? Any advice? AND shouldn't I be able to run the carriage over the templates? They are "too thick" I did specify that I had a Mille. Thanks in advance from this newbie....
  24. After trying the above suggestions...things are working much smoother now...only 1 thread break in two bobbins-full of practicing. You guys are great!