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  1. Thanks again. If there is a burr, how do you get rid of it?
  2. Will give these suggestions a try. Thank you both!
  3. Hi, Well yesterday was the first day with my new Millennium and the thread keeps breaking. I first used the spool of So Fine that was included and in threading the machine it seems the thread catches and isn't smooth. When I had a lot of breakage I switched to the spool of Lava and same thing. Then I changed out the installed cardboard bobbin for the metal bobbin from the bobbin winder. I was able to go a while but the stitches looked very bad especially in trying to do small circles (bobbin threads were long and laying on top). Reluctantly I started changing upper tension, with really
  4. Thank you again everyone. The new addition is supposed to be here next week. ACK!
  5. Congratulations to you both. Is there a link to where us newcomers could see these winning entries?
  6. Wow, absolutely beautiful. You are an inspiration!
  7. Don't have an answer for you...but from one new post-er to another WELCOME!
  8. Thank you everyone for such a warm welcome!
  9. Liberty Township is a northern suburb of Cincinnati...about halfway between downtown Cincinnati and downtown Dayton..
  10. Good Morning! I have been lurking for a couple of months and wanted to "officially" announce that we are expecting a new Mille. around April 19th-20th and I am feeling the entire range of emotions that has been described by others while expecting. I was led to this great forum (Hi CJ) and as a long arm newbie; I'm sure you will get quite tired of my newbie queries. Thanks for all your help so far everyone!
  11. That made my morning after three days of sad news!!! Thanks.
  12. I live in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati. If you have time, you might want to stop in The Fabric Shack in Waynesville, OH. (I have no affiliation). They are open on Sundays. They have good prices. Cincinnati is in the SW corner of Ohio and the Amish area as mentioned is towards the NE part of the state, and yes it would easily be 3.5 hours. Enjoy all your destinations!
  13. My cell phone took a trip through the I had not even missed it until unloading the washer and there it was! I thought sure it was dead...after all I had previously dropped it onto the garage floor. My daughter recommended taking the battery out and letting it air dry for several days. It has been fine in the several years since. This is my first post as I am still a wannabe and am learning a lot!! Pamela