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  1. Thanks for this, all great information, Angie at APQS was a great help too. I just have a few more things to check but so far so good. Edna
  2. I have M & M wheels on my Millie for quite a few years now but I am experiencing some drag when I quilt in a 45 degree direction. I clean the wheels regularly with rubbing alcohol and there are some black flakes on the q tip. Has anyone ever had to replace the wheels..
  3. What was the problem then if it was not the encoder wheels...I have changed the encoder wheels a few times at some cost too and I still have the same problem, the machine hesitates and then the stitch length goes longer. I have had my machine since 2007 and I have changed the encoder wheels about 3 times and I have 2 more on order which I expect delivery in the next few days.
  4. I just want to put it out there, how often do you change your encoder wheels?
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