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  1. Search the Forum for the section "APQS Machines" and under that - "For Sale - Used Quilting Machines". All kinds of machines are listed. Also check out Longarm University where Cindy Roth lists machines that people want to sell.
  2. These are listed on Longarm university Machine: APQS Millennium, 12 foot tableLocation: Minneapolis, MNPrice: $7,900Contact: lba0718@hotmail.com This machine is the top of the APQS line of long arm quilting machines. It is suitable for personal or business quilting use - it runs beautifully and it has been well maintained with smooth, new wheels and a brand new motor. The 12 foot table will quilt a king size quilt. One of the best characteristics about this 2004 “Millie” (26 inch throat) is that I can always count on having perfect thread tension and I can use all the pretty threads. As anyone who quilts knows, this is wonderful. Include are - motorized feed of fabric, automatic needle positioner, stitch length regulator, finger touch controls for all functions, adjustable ergonomically designed handles, lower thread cutter, dual electric channel locks, built in laser pointer, built in bobbin winder, front or back operation florescent lighting. For photos Click Here Purchaser is responsible for take down, pick up, transportation, re-assembly and all related costs.Posted 5-30-17 to be removed 9-30-17 Machine: APQS Millennium, 14 foot tableLocation: Fernley, NVPrice: $17,500Price Reduced to: $15,950!!! Price Reduced Again to: $13,500!!!Contact: astitchofcountry@att.net This APQS Millennium machine was purchased in 2012 and was used in my quilt shop until my quilter retired in 2015. The machine is in excellent condition and has been well maintained. The machine comes with a 14 foot table and attached motorized fabric advance with foot pedal control, removable micro handles, needle up and down, stitch regulator, dual magnetic channel locks, and adjustable laser stylus for use with pantographs. Also included -- a stand-alone bobbin winder and 3 dozen metal bobbins, 4 bobbin cases, 20 packs assorted needles, 3 extra feet, ruler base and ruler, user guidebook, and all my extra cones of thread. For photos Click Here This machine can be delivered in the Boise, Idaho area only. Otherwise, purchaser responsible for take down, pickup, transportation, re-assembly and all associated costs.Posted 3-19-17 to be removed 7-19-17
  3. I agree there is work available. I am a hobby quilter, but I am often asked if I will quilt for someone. I do a few now and then, but I do not want a business. Make your work visible and you can keep busy.
  4. I love all the border treatments. Very pretty.
  5. I have duplicates of 2 pantos I have. Would love to sell them. Both from Urban Elementz Spider Lily by Patricia Ritter - brand new, never used. https://www.urbanelementz.com/spider-lily.html Fanfare Grande Set by Patricia Ritter https://www.urbanelementz.com/fanfare-grande-set.html Asking $32 for both. Includes shipping in US Thanks for looking. Chris
  6. I am in Washington state and have a 12' Innova table for sale. It is for an 18" machine. If interested, let me know. Chris
  7. The Pfaff sewing machine is a work horse. It is one of the last models made in Germany. They are now made in Japan and have lots of plastic parts. If the machine is in good working condition and has all the original accessories, you should be able to get $500-$800 for it. I have seen them for more than that.
  8. I like the colors you chose. The quilt turned out gorgeous! It has to feel good using up stash fabric!
  9. I use GOOP hand cleaner or GOJO from the automotive store to get all grease or oil stains out. Good luck. Chris
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