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  1. Wow! Ok, if you subtract the three narrow borders that leaves ONLY 5 to figure out. If anyone can do it, Heidi, you can. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  2. Welcome Kimmy, I have learned so much here and am sure you will also.
  3. I keep a small compressor right under Millicent; make cleaning quick.
  4. Heidi, glad to hear MIL move is coming along. Did you have to sew pockets in the ends of your canvas to use the red snappers? If so did you take the canvas off to do it?
  5. dkj, I use the bead board and set it on the diagonal. I hate to sound uninformed, but what is the long board adapter?
  6. Jane and Dave. Thanks, so much, for sharing this. I know how much my grandchildren miss my son when he is deployed. This will be such a treat for the kids who get the books and CD. I'll order some today.
  7. Vicki, Thanks for starting this discussion. I got the Quilt EZ BF boards when I got Millicent, but have never used them. This really makes me want to try them.
  8. My Milli has been in the basement since I got her a year ago. I put inexpensive rugs down under her so my feet don't get cold from the concrete floor. It is heated and I run a dehumidifier in the summer. The only I problem I have had is no windows. Her new home, with windows, is almost done.
  9. Penny, Milli is going to be so happy there! It was great to get a chance to meet you this week.
  10. My yardage is all folder the same size; salvage to salvage then folded around my 6"x24" ruler. Slide the ruler out and fold in half. That way it is all 6" x 11". Then it is stacked on 12" shelves. Batiks, orientals, Christmas and Civil War fabrics are together by color. The rest is by color also. FQ are in 12" deep plastic bins, again by color. Projects are together on their own shelf. Easy to see and enjoy everything this way, for me.
  11. I'm with Linneamarie, Bliss and IQ. (I'm happy with my current vehicle. LOL) Can't wait to see what new stuff shows up at MQX.
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