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  1. A GREAT color that goes with very many things is what I call "baby poop green". It is a sort of dull goldish-brownish-greenish color. It is a medium value, and is quite neutral. I am always amazed at the things it goes well with. I have it in 100 wt silk as well as in several other thread weights.
  2. Thanks for the update! Hope things continue to improve for you. We do miss you here, but, as you say, sometimes life gets in the way.
  3. I'm certainly no expert, but what I have found that works best for me is to float the top. I measure the quilt edge to edge and middle to middle to figure out what the "best" length and width measurements are, so I know in advance if I have fullness to deal with. I lay out the quilt and baste down the top edge, using my channel locks to make sure it is square with the frame, and working in any fullness if necessary. I mark the "best" width with tape or clamps on my quilt top roller (since I don't use it for the top). I baste down the sides in the area that I will be quilting, keeping the w
  4. You did a great job with the advice you received and interpreted in a way that worked really well with your friend's design!
  5. I really like that look! The tight straight lines make the feather literally pop, and the contrast between the lovely curves and the geometric lines emphasizes the feathers even more!
  6. Very creative! Looks like it really works well. Thanks for posting.
  7. Hooray! I went back to school and got my MS while working full time, raising kids, etc. It was really hard, but it was well worth it. The degree allowed me to get a wonderful job in a totally new field that I loved, and I worked in that field for over 20 years. I hope you get an equal reward for your efforts. And it is really nice to see you here again. Welcome back.
  8. Whether you fill or not, I think a single echo around the feather looks good - emphasizes the shape, gives a little closure, is a nice transition to whatever else you do. I don't do feathers on my LA yet, but almost always add an echo about 1/4" around my feathers. I love Linda's idea of piano keys for the rest of the fill. Think I'll try that next time.
  9. I also have the Brother 1500S - a very serviceable machine. Changing the feet is clunky compared to my Bernina 170, but it has a knee lift, needle/up/down, thread cutter, slightly larger throat. Great for FM quilting, and anything requiring just a plain straight stitch machine. As Mrs. A says, very reasonably priced. I always said that if I could buy a machine with those features, plus a zigzag and a blind hem stitch (which I use for applique), I'd be a perfectly happy camper. Like others, I have the embroidery module for the Bernina, but rarely use it. Rarely use all the hundreds of
  10. I"m with you, Sewhappy! My DH built me a wonderful 4"x8" table with lots of storage underneath. I purchased a 4x8" matt for the surface. The table rolls around so it is easy to move. I love it. BUT, whenever I want to actually USE it for its intended purpose, I have to spend a half hour clearing off the junk that piles up on it.........sigh.
  11. I like the circle stitch idea - quicker and less formal than satin stitch, and it goes really well with the cheery appearance of your piece.
  12. Not a quilt design that I particularly love, but the QUILTING is incredible.
  13. I really like the fact that your background quilting is inspired by the applique shapes, but isn't just a traditional echo. Gives the quilt a lot of movement and interest.
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