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  1. Thank you .. I quilted around it .. I know they are industrial strength.. but. not sure it would have looked at smooth as I would have wanted it to look.. it turned out like I wanted and I used the hard plastic lettered shirt as a tote to. carry it in .
  2. Hello , I need some help concerning other " Materials " given to make a T-shirt Quilt.. I was given a Jacket with plastic / varsity type lettering .. debating on whether to give it back to the Customer or putting it in the quilt even though its not T-shirt softness.. and will the machine even stitch thru that lettering .. its not the 'gummy' type lettering .. its more " plastic' or stiffer than normal .. Has anyone stitched thru materials such as the 15 ' in the picture ?
  3. Hello, Hope someone can help , .. today my needle positioning is Opposite and I mistakenly hit the cutter button when the needle was down.. up to raise it manually to stop it .. but now .. the top thread catches when i try to bring up the bobbin thread and the cutter won't work at all . did I seriously mess something up ? Help. :-(
  4. Georgene, Do you ever make it to Williamsburg?? if so.. can I buy you lunch someday to come over and give my machine a quick run to see if its running right? I am a serious newbie.. and I would be absolutely delighted to have someone experienced to tell me if I am doing things correctly or if the Machine is supposed to sound the way it does.. just for peace of mind. :-)
  5. That is awesome... I am still learning but I love your quilt.. Here is my recent playtime Halloween .. Not sure how to post a picture .. I am so new.. darn it !
  6. What would be an easy GO TO panto for quick and easy charity quilts?
  7. There wouldn't happen to be a Video of such Cleaning as the Alcohol/ WD40 etc.. would there ?? I am a newbie.. and I am not sure about where to 'dump' the alcohol vice spray..or is it pretty safe that its not gonna hurt if it gets to other places? Watching someone else perform this would surely clear things up :-)
  8. Newbie here.. I have a question about the Towa tension Gauge.. I found one on Ebay .. new in box. and was wondering if M is M in the reg sewing world as it in the long arm world.. because I am just new to this whole Towa world.. I did not see the seller listing anything else for long arms.. but did list the L tension Towa gauge too and several bobbin cases... is this what I need ? or is there some secret code for long arm Towa gauge for M bobbin case?
  9. Thank you Ladies.. I took your advice.. ordered a new bobbin case and an extra spring in the even I bent the other up too much.. I will be marking the new one.. and I hope that I can get the old one ( which is Not really old at all ) .. fixed and able to use that as well.. do you ladies have the Towa guide for tension?? Would it be a good investment for a newbie ya think?? I have struggled with Tension issues since I got the machine in March.. I am trying to claw my way back to some normalcy.. and get some quilting done that I can be proud of !
  10. I have gone the other way.. tired of buying cheap irons that I have to shake just to get the light to come on.. and the automatic shut offs that shut off so quickly.. I am about to purchase the Yellow Oliso.. I am glad a few people love it .. at least I don't think I will get carpal tunnel from using it ! LOL
  11. I too am a Newbie since March.. I appreciate and Welcome any and all tips I can get.. I was slow getting started due to tension issues.. but I think I have that figured out now .. I hope I hope. anyways..
  12. Help.. I was using Magnetic Prewound Bobbins that came with my machine.. and had to remove the Spring and now that I am not using the prewound Magnetic.. I can't seem to get the spring back in properly .. is it supposed to lay flat in the Bobbin case?.. and can you use the Super Bobs without the spring ?
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