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  1. will all the free updates follow this system from previous owner to new owner? any warranty?
  2. Back with update. I did check with my insurance company and was told it was OK ... however ... and I didn't like the sounds of that "however" ... if someone falls it opens a whole can of worms that we just don't need to deal with ... and basically it's whatever we are comfortable with, and we're comfortable with having no visitors to the studio. First of all, I don't have customers come to my studio in the first place. When I first started I had two "customers" come to visit and it slowly dawned on me that they were there to check out the competition for their friend(s) ... nah, not going to play that game ..I meet them at the LQS or at some mutually convenient spot - their church, my church. Whatever works. . so in this instance I'm not having the looky-loos come in. I have talked this over with 2 other friends and the more I talk about it the easier it became to just be able to say "I don't feel comfortable with an audience." So that's that! I love the quilting after 9 pm, preferably in the nude option!
  3. I haven't been a long-armer for too long - 2010 - and I've had my share of wonderful clients and like a lot of you I've a few stinkeroos along the way. And then when I think I'm prepared for anything along comes a horse of a different color. I emailed the client today, letting her know that her quilt is going on the machine this week and I'm wanting to confirm what we had decided 3 months ago when I accepted her quilt ... light to medium custom, batting, making/applying binding. She responded postively to my email (yea!!) and then asked if she "could come help/watch throughout the process?" What??? This is a Judy Neimeyer quilt so it can be challenging. My method is to let it hang in my studio for a couple of days while I take pictures, draw on the photos, research, etc. Then it goes on the machine and by the time I start work I pretty much know what I'm going to do. Sometimes there is a bit of "flying by the seat of my britches" but I've learned that having a plan really helps. Well, I automatically know the answer to her question, but how to say no without offending. What she doesn't know is that my method of doing the "process" is ... get up, put on slippers, get coffee, swing down to the studio, look at the quilt, check emails, look at the quilt again, answer emails, start work on the quilt, do a row or two ... answer phone, put wash in washer, work some more, etc., etc., etc. And I know that I am not the only one working this type of schedule. I cannot for the life of me even begin to imagine having a spectator watching what I do ... answering questions, making nice, explaining every step ... oh it's a terrible thought! Does anyone have customers watching/helping throughout the process? Seriously... Let me be clear ... if I ever get to a point where I'm not sure the customer will like or appreciate a design element, I do email them with a picture of what I'm thinking about and ask their preference. I've always been told - Looks great! Go for it! So... There's more to be written but you get the idea. So I'll let her know tomorrow or the next day that my insurance doesn't allow visitors in my studio. I'm trying to think of some other trade where a spectator is welcomed and I'm stumped. The more I write about it the more I know that it is an innocent request. She just has no idea what goes into this "process" ... Pizza makers!!
  4. The echo quilted Curling Colors is the one that I've found, the original quilt. I have found a different one ... shame there's only 2 to look at ... gives me pause if you know what I mean. I have one idea but would sure like to see some other quilting of this beautiful quilt. Might have to just go with what I've got. Thanks to all.
  5. Okay, I'll try again ... having trouble posting question... In the near future I'll be quilting the Jacqueline de Jonge Curling Colors quilt ... does anyone have any suggestions/ideas/input as to how to quilt this beautiful quilt? I don't have a pic as it is still at the piecers; however, I googled it and the images that came up were of the original quilt so no real quilting ideas to be found. Thank you for your help. I'm always inspired by the ideas that come from this forum.
  6. my position has always been - if i put it there then it's my responsibility to remove/take it out. I learned early on to go easy with marking and now i only use non-wax white chalk or a dot of blue marking pen (applied before quilt goes on the machine). I found that if I applied the blue dot while quilt top was on top of batting I could get bleed through to the top again. So go easy on the blue. I also tie and bury threads. I don't expect customer to do that. Doesn't help with your present problem but may prevent future ones. Seriously, I'd do my best to remove the blue then explain to the customer that the best course of action is for her to wash and use several - two or three - sheets of Color Catcher or whatever those sheets are called in the wash. Might even want to provide the Color Catchers for her to use. JMHO.
  7. OK, no pictures ... but have you ever gotten in the midst of a somewhat intense custom job and just wondered how the heck you got into the middle of this hot mess? I am just hoping that I've had my nose too close and I'm not seeing this job with clarity. Oh, my! I'm standing here imagining that all you great quilters just have such a smooth ride across and down your quilts ... and I'm the only one who has to stop and pick out stitches ... time and time again...and do other unbelievable tasks just to make it a bit more pretty. Believe me, this is nowhere even near close to perfect ... I'm hoping I can take a day or so and remove myself from it aura and see what happens. Geez. I'm not looking for sympathy, just some assurance that most of us go through these trials by fire. Now .... where's that fire extinguisher?
  8. Just noticed the cute Christmas bow on top of the APQS logo at top left of the page ... I love Christmas bows!
  9. "Neither of my Grandmothers worked a day in their lives and they were devoted to family and the home." I am assuming that you mean neither Grandmother worked OUTSIDE the home, because you better believe they worked INSIDE the home. Good topic, great advice ... give with an open hand, no hook (no expectations). Do what your heart is telling you to do.
  10. I was at a quilting function this morning and someone mentioned that one of the quilting magazines was shutting down ... but of course, person delivering this bit of news couldn't recall exactly which magazine it is. Any ideas? Thanks ... curious minds want to know...
  11. I have downloaded the Demo Quilt Path and playing around with it, deciding whether to purchase or not. When playing with this, I cannot figure out how to take a design, for instance the little duck, and make it repeat across the 'quilt' like a panto. What am I missing here? Thank for any help.
  12. I won't bore you with details except to say that I have found this stoopid saying more correct the more I quilt ... I have about 1 hour more of custom quilting on this gorgeous quilt, and I look and see a 'darkish' area ... where it shouldn't be 'darkish' ... this has a beautiful beige background ... i'm thinking my cataracts must be kicking in ... it starts to bug me and I grab the flashlight and flash from the back of the quilt ... OMG! a tangle of dark threads has gathered in one area! Cripes! So my last hour has now turned into 2 hours because it's going to take me at least another hour to just fish those babies to the top without hurting the top itself. Thank goodness I have a full day tomorrow to work magic on this. I'm taking a very teeny tiny crochet hook and fishing this crap out through the top. Backing is dark so can't do it that way ... I don't think. I'll sleep on it. So ... take one beautiful quilt, a zillion hours custom quilting, and yep! There it is! Karma is just wonderful, you know ...
  13. I am intrigued by the Stella Lighting, not so intrigued by its price .... and I see where they are coming out with a floor model. Has anyone tried this and if so, what's the verdict?
  14. Rule of thumb is to wait at least 1 year before making these big decisions. Been there, done that ... and the advice is good. Spend this time grieving and constructing a life for yourself. Don't sell your house, don't sell your business, and don't make any big promises to anyone at this time. Time will heal and only you know how much time that will take. If quilting was something you enjoyed at one time, it may be something you can return to in the future. Lots of prayers and wishes for you are being sent your way ... give them time to work their heavenly magic.
  15. I’m flummoxed … before I got my long-arm I had a local long-armer quilting my quilts. At that time I was a prolific piecer so I was giving her plenty of quilts each year. And I was paying a really good price (good being upper tier for our area), but she had a reputation for doing great work. On several quilts I started noticing that she was using the same panto over and over … big panto for big quilts. Ok, mildly annoying but about that time I got my machine and started doing my own. Several of my friends use her and that’s a-ok. Not a problem . I have plenty of customers. And I have always been her biggest cheer-leader … I found out around the time that I got my machine (3 years ago) that Susie Quilter had purchased a 2nd machine several years prior for her sister in another state. “She needs to stay busy”. Nice thing for a sister to do … teaching her sister how to quilt and become independent. My friends ask me what my lead time is and right now I have to say 4-6 weeks. Friend volunteered that Susie Quilter has a turn-around time of about 2 weeks. And she has plenty of customers and does a lot of monthly classes. I always wonder how some people can do SO much … I’m really bad about connecting dots unless they are extremely close together … can you see this train coming? I found out yesterday that she is actually sending her customer quilts to her sister to quilt while she works on custom quilts … and I’m pretty sure she hasn’t told my friends that this is what she’s doing. So no wonder her turn-around time is 2 weeks. Two people working on quilts will lower that turn around time. Hmmm … And I know that there are more than a few well-known quilters who work with family members, but it's not 'secret' ... or kept under wraps. And I'm betting that Susie Quilter isn't the only quilter out there who has a "secret" partner or two. So there's more to this than meets the eye. I believe that if you're using help, just put it out there. Patty Piecer probably won't care, especially if you offer a discount since YOU personally won't be quilting her quilt. Me? I believe in full disclosure. If you’re sending my quilt to someone else, just explain that to me and then maybe offer me a discount. But don’t leave me in the dark. And then let me find out on my own. I’m pretty annoyed that some of my quilts MAY have been quilted by her sister and not by her – and I was not getting a discount. I paid full price. For my own full disclosure – I never ever examined closely a quilt that I got back, except to be sure that there were no bird’s nests on the back , that the design was good. I usually took a good look at the front, back, gave her a check, took it home, and wrestled that big thing under my DSM for the binding. So I really can’t complain … can I? But as mentioned, I started noticing the same big panto was being used. So … do I say something to my two friends who are great customers of this quilter? I am absolutely positive that they have no idea that their quilts may be going elsewhere to be quilted. I’ve decided to keep my mouth shut. I have to ask: What is my purpose in saying anything? To inform my friends? Would I want to know? Yes, but not everyone thinks like I do. I would probably be doing a disservice to everyone involved, and could potentially ruin my friendships with my two friends. So I’ll keep mouth zipped. Thanks for letting me work this out on this forum!