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  1. will all the free updates follow this system from previous owner to new owner? any warranty?
  2. Back with update. I did check with my insurance company and was told it was OK ... however ... and I didn't like the sounds of that "however" ... if someone falls it opens a whole can of worms that we just don't need to deal with ... and basically it's whatever we are comfortable with, and we're comfortable with having no visitors to the studio. First of all, I don't have customers come to my studio in the first place. When I first started I had two "customers" come to visit and it slowly dawned on me that they were there to check out the competition for their friend(s) ... nah, not going to play that game ..I meet them at the LQS or at some mutually convenient spot - their church, my church. Whatever works. . so in this instance I'm not having the looky-loos come in. I have talked this over with 2 other friends and the more I talk about it the easier it became to just be able to say "I don't feel comfortable with an audience." So that's that! I love the quilting after 9 pm, preferably in the nude option!
  3. I haven't been a long-armer for too long - 2010 - and I've had my share of wonderful clients and like a lot of you I've a few stinkeroos along the way. And then when I think I'm prepared for anything along comes a horse of a different color. I emailed the client today, letting her know that her quilt is going on the machine this week and I'm wanting to confirm what we had decided 3 months ago when I accepted her quilt ... light to medium custom, batting, making/applying binding. She responded postively to my email (yea!!) and then asked if she "could come help/watch throughout the process?" What??? This is a Judy Neimeyer quilt so it can be challenging. My method is to let it hang in my studio for a couple of days while I take pictures, draw on the photos, research, etc. Then it goes on the machine and by the time I start work I pretty much know what I'm going to do. Sometimes there is a bit of "flying by the seat of my britches" but I've learned that having a plan really helps. Well, I automatically know the answer to her question, but how to say no without offending. What she doesn't know is that my method of doing the "process" is ... get up, put on slippers, get coffee, swing down to the studio, look at the quilt, check emails, look at the quilt again, answer emails, start work on the quilt, do a row or two ... answer phone, put wash in washer, work some more, etc., etc., etc. And I know that I am not the only one working this type of schedule. I cannot for the life of me even begin to imagine having a spectator watching what I do ... answering questions, making nice, explaining every step ... oh it's a terrible thought! Does anyone have customers watching/helping throughout the process? Seriously... Let me be clear ... if I ever get to a point where I'm not sure the customer will like or appreciate a design element, I do email them with a picture of what I'm thinking about and ask their preference. I've always been told - Looks great! Go for it! So... There's more to be written but you get the idea. So I'll let her know tomorrow or the next day that my insurance doesn't allow visitors in my studio. I'm trying to think of some other trade where a spectator is welcomed and I'm stumped. The more I write about it the more I know that it is an innocent request. She just has no idea what goes into this "process" ... Pizza makers!!
  4. The echo quilted Curling Colors is the one that I've found, the original quilt. I have found a different one ... shame there's only 2 to look at ... gives me pause if you know what I mean. I have one idea but would sure like to see some other quilting of this beautiful quilt. Might have to just go with what I've got. Thanks to all.
  5. Okay, I'll try again ... having trouble posting question... In the near future I'll be quilting the Jacqueline de Jonge Curling Colors quilt ... does anyone have any suggestions/ideas/input as to how to quilt this beautiful quilt? I don't have a pic as it is still at the piecers; however, I googled it and the images that came up were of the original quilt so no real quilting ideas to be found. Thank you for your help. I'm always inspired by the ideas that come from this forum.
  6. part of my every quilt maintenance is to change the needle. i want to give myself every opportunity to be successful and a change of needle is small price to pay for a great result.
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