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  1. I have Swirlz and the crosshatch boards for sale for half of retail. I also have the Pantograph Precision system (not sure that I got the name right) for sale. Contact me at carolegates @ att.net. Will deliver to any location within 3 hours of Raleigh, NC. Carol
  2. I have the swirlz boards available and the crosshatch boards with the pop-up tool. I'll sell them for half the retail price. My email is carolegates @ att.net if you are interested. Carol
  3. Linda, Do you mind explaining how you join the ends on your longarm? More and more of my customers are asking me to attach the binding on my longarm, and I'm happy to do it, but would love to eliminate the extra step of joining the ends on my sewing machine. Thank you, Carol
  4. I have one for sale but it's in NC. Please email me at carolegates@att. net if you are interested. It's a great device, but I have IQ now and don't need it anymore. Carol
  5. If I'm ever asked to quilt one of these I'm coming right back to your post for inspiration. It's just beautiful. Carol
  6. Regarding re-packing the gear box - this is a chore I always put off because it requires taking the machine off the frame and turning it upside down to get to the gearbox. Or so I thought until my sewing machine repair guy insisted that it could be repacked without turning the machine over. Sure enough - he sat on the floor under the machine, took off the cover, re-packed it, replaced the cover and my machine is so, so much quieter. The only difference in doing it this way is that you can't stir or poke at the grease to get air bubbles out - if you do the grease starts to fall out of the gear box. Carol
  7. Gorgeous! You make a great team! Carol
  8. I would be very interested in a solution to this. Can it be done??? I have IQ and have put off re-packing the gear box for too long because I'm afraid I'll either spend a huge amount of time getting it put back together or just won't be able to do it at all. Carol
  9. We are so lucky to be able to help people in this way - it's the best part of this crazy business. You did a wonderful job with this treasured quilt! Carol
  10. I too, have thought about having 2 machines for my business. What I have learned after having Intelliquilter for a year, is that I wouldn't want to do custom work without it, so the idea of having a non-computerized machine for custom quilting isn't as appealing as it used to be. In a perfect world, I'd have 2 longarms with IQ on both of them. It would be great to track down the Ultimate XX, add IQ and use it for pantos! Carol
  11. Perfect! I beg to differ on your opinion of your creativity. Carol
  12. I have had quite the run of custom quilts lately, and it seems that it takes almost as long to decide on how to quilt it as it does to do the quilting. I have started hanging up the quilt top that is next in line where I can see it while I'm working on the current one. This gives me plenty of time to make a plan in my mind, and by the time I'm finished with the current top, I am ready to go for the next one. Sometimes I can even work on drawing my quilt design ideas while IQ is stitching. This simple idea has saved me a lot of time. Would love to hear of other tips and tricks that help you! Carol