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  1. I went back thru the posts and could only find one or two selling a non APQS machine anyway. Doesn't seem to be a big problem.
  2. I know what you are saying, that the original post was for people selling only. No one is criticizing Linda. I have seen Linda post answers to many many questions with lots of great info. But some of the comments after hers were sort of disconcerting. Comments like our machine is the best, why should we answer questions about their machines, we should send them away, wish everyone could be as happy as we are, able to create. These comments bothered me. It is like if you do not have an APQS you are not doing it right. Well, I would imagine that every company thinks their machine is the best, and every owner of said machine probably does, too. I am a new quilter. I have a disability and limited in funds. I needed a sit down machine. I found a great deal on a Tiara and went for it. I think it is great. I don't want to come here and feel like I have an inferior machine and that I just can't create or do things right because I have a different machine. I have no doubt that APQS machines are great, but I would not have even known about them if not for this forum.
  3. Zora, it works the other way around, too. If people on the APQS forum "send people away," it looks bad for APQS. They would want everyone to respect their brand, as well as welcome others who may not know much about their brand yet. If you feel unwelcome, it does not make you want to run out and buy a machine from APQS, even tho you realize it is not the company posting. You would not even pursue the brand. I would not criticize an APQS machine on this forum, but I don't think it is beneficial in any way to make people who have a different brand feel like they are "not part of the club," because they own a different machine. Not everyone can run out and spend thousands of dollars on a longarm. They do, after all, have a link to this forum on their site, and contest entry page, which is probably what led me here. I think they welcome everyone here no matter what brand they own, ask about, or whatever. This part of the forum is labeled, "Chat about anything." That means anything, unless it is cursing or directly being rude to someone else. If they did not want people to chat about anything, including mentioning other machines, they probably would not have included that part of the forum.
  4. Part of advertising is getting your name out there and hosting forums. Even tho I do not own an APQS at this time, I know much more about them now since belonging to this forum, and I have learned that they are a great company with a great product. Isn't that what APQS would want? I get emails daily, and postings on my facebook page from multiple companies. They don't worry about whether I want to hear from them day after day after day. They just want to keep reminding me of their product. Hosting a forum is one way for a company to keep their name and product in front of your face. If they want people with other brands to stay away, they can put it in their rules. They could ban posts of sales of other brands. I would think they would want to attract quilters here for any reason. The quilter may join and learn about their product. Isn't that one reason they have a great contest going on, to attract people to their site, to learn about their product? I sent for info. on a machine after entering the contest. I will certainly hesitate to post here now after reading these posts. I belonged to another forum on embroidery machines and everyone suddenly got snobby because I did not own their brand. That was the end for me. Only want to exchange info. and learn, and help, not worry about which brand I own, want to sell, or want to buy. I don't think that "sending people away" benefits APQS in any way. Don't some of you do part of your quilting on another machine, a DSM? Perhaps your binding? Then perhaps you should not ask binding questions because you are not doing it on an APQS machine. Just my opinion.
  5. Oh boy, I have been posting questions, and I have a Tiara, (not for sale) and now I feel a bit uncomfortable. I bought a Tiara because I found one used that I could afford and in a state I could drive to and get it. That does not mean I do not appreciate the quality of an APQS. I would definitely consider one some day if I was ever looking for a new machine, because of all the great things I have learned here. That benefits APQS. I thought this forum was for anyone to learn and share about quilting. I did not even think about the brand issue. It never occurred to me that the brand sponsoring the forum, or people owning a different brand than me, would care about this at all. I kind of thought forums were just for sharing info, not promoting a certain brand. I have seen several posts by people with the same machine as me and thought nothing of it. Don't have a problem with people selling either. I never thought about it in that light. I wonder what APQS has to say about this? They could ban non APQS sales if they wanted to.
  6. Love those soft ocean colors, so very pretty. Nice stitching!!
  7. OMG, that is absolutely beautiful! I wish I had room in my little home for things like that. What a find and a treasure that is! I got a little treasure 2 days ago; my daughter in law went to a yard sale and someone sold her her entire stamping collection of rubber and acrylic stamps for 10 bucks. Since I like to make cards, she snatched it up for me. Three bags of stamps! Woohoo!
  8. Oh wow, that will be a beautiful room for Freddie with all that natural light! And right in the center of the household so you can keep an eye on things! Perfect! Congratulations, that is so wonderful!
  9. Wow, I hope no one gets hurt and that they can stop the fire before it consumes anyone's house. I hate to see our beautiful forests burn, it takes so long for them to recover! And the poor wildlife has to flee and hopefully get out! Be safe!
  10. Shirley, that sounds like a great idea, giving your extra things to people who need them. The few garage sales I have had have not been worth the work. I hardly made any money. You will feel so good when it is all gone! I was really going at it, but am still in too much pain to do anything. I am sooo frustrated.
  11. Rita, I am glad you are able to be back doing what you love!!
  12. It is easier for me to SID on my domestic machine because I can do straighter lines with the feed dogs. Although it is difficult to do with a large quilt. As a newbie, I have not resolved this issue. I am not too good yet with a ruler, even doing straight lines. Also, when you SID on a pieced quilt, do you do EVERY ditch?
  13. Just darling! I love those animals from Embrodery Library and have purchased a few myself. This quilt will be treasured!!
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