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  1. Hi, Froggy. Please tell us if you are using a longarm quilting machine or a regular domestic machine. I am pretty much a newbie, too. I have a general quilting book by Nancy Zieman, called, "Quilt with Confidence." It has really helped me because it is geared for the beginner, with simple to follow explanations and pictures. Good luck! You can also watch lots of videos on Youtube. Check out the Missouri Star Quilt Company videos, as well as the Quilting Gourmet. I like their videos a lot.
  2. Sylvia, it should not have gone in that far, unless the hole you put it in was too big. I think I would do what Judi says, but it may be risky. Was it a USB port? Does it have the little USB symble by it? Thanks anyway about the picture. I am going to talk to my daughter on Sunday and I will tell her we need to sash or border each square.
  3. So glad to hear your son found a home!!! Things will improve soon, it seems. I have hosted family, too, and it can be stressful. In fact, my youngest son, who is 31, is living in our finished basement. His girlfriend, who has problems at home, is here A LOT! They come up and cook for us which is nice sometimes! It seems that our parenting never ends. I heard a saying once, " I child proofed the house, but they keep coming back anyway!"
  4. Wow, what a fabulous large space, with so much natural lighting. I am jealous!
  5. Not sure what you mean by "bad spots," just curious. Are they not gliding well?
  6. These are great ideas. I truly need a bigger ironing surface, but my space for it is too small in my little sewing room. I did make a little square ironing board to set next to my machine so if I am pressing pieces I don't have to get up and go to the big ironing board. Covered it will batting and fabric, then glued a cover on the back to cover up the staples, so they would not scratch anything. Pretty easy and very convenient. Thanks for the good ideas! Oh, and my husband put up a shelf for me to hold my bobbin winder. He drilled a hole in the shelf for the cord so I could just leave
  7. Yes, Cindy, that is a great thing to do. I wish I could reach out and help right now. We also have Tricare and I was told that getting meds at the base is cheaper. It is an hour away, so not sure if we are going to do it. It does seem like everything goes out at once, but you have really had a lot in a short span of time! My husband recently retired and we worry, too, about money, but my mom was an expert cheapskate and I learned from the best! It sounds like everyone has given you excellent advice. I would prioritize, rent, food, utilities first. The rest should let you make small pay
  8. Thank you! These are great ideas! Someone else told me that sashing or bordering is important to stabilize it so I will tell my daughter about that, as Carol has suggested also. Sylvia, that sounds like an adorable quilt and if you have a picture of it would you post it? I am sure it would help me. I have to cut the fabric up into squares because they are not tiny little items, most are more toddler size. I am so glad I learned about the importance of sashing, because I want to do this right. I will top stitch on any cute little details that I can. I am getting excited to start. I am
  9. Molar feathers? I love them! They kind of look like the teeth we drew in college when I thought I wanted to be a dental hygienist! I would much rather sew them then clean them! They do look lovely and would be a good choice. I learn something new here every single day!
  10. I cannot add to what has already been said; sounds like you have been given excellent advice. Looks like you have a treasure there; good luck! Please let us know eventually what you find out; I am sure everyone will be curious to know. This kind of situation makes me think about what will happen to the quilts and things some day that I make. My quilts are not works of art or anything, except to me. But perhaps family members, such as grandchildren with fond memories of crafting and sewing with grandma, will snuggle with them and enjoy their warmth and memories someday with their spouses
  11. Vicki, that sounds adorable! My daughter actually wants me to cut the fabric into squares, but if I have a really cute pocket, flower, whatever, I will applique' it on.
  12. My daughter has given me a big bin of her most precious baby clothes from her daughter. The idea is that I am supposed to make a sort of t-shirt memory quilt. I am a relative newbie, so I am a little overwhelmed. My plan is to make 8 inch squares when the piece is big enough, 4 inch squares when the piece is small, and even some rectangles for some of the shirts that have a long name or something like that on them. I would distribute these throughout, and try to use some of the cuter details, such as a cute little pocket, on some of the pieces. It is mostly knits so I will iron on a fusible
  13. Beth, that is a great reminder for us all. I don't have a fancy cell phone, just a plain one for emergencies. But I do have a calendar in my purse with my contacts in it. I do think that most people would check your phone in these modern times. Good idea!!
  14. My husband gave me a good analogy on this topic. He used to do "mudding" on drywall for people. But if the drywall is not pieced together properly, if they used lots of pieces instead of whole sheets, if they did not put the "factory edge" in the right places, there is no way you can mud it so it will look good when it dries. He refused jobs like that because he knew the outcome would not be satisfactory to the home owner. Someone was trying to save money by using pieces, or just did not really know what they were doing. Sort of the same thing.
  15. I have found that a Magic Eraser, any brand, works wonders when cleaning off the iron plate. Just wet it and wring out and scrub. I do it every so often just to keep things clean. As a newbie, pretty much everything I have done so far has been a big boo boo. lol I just finished a disappearing 9 patch, for me, and I tried to stitch in every ditch, before quilting. I also put rick rack in with the binding. It looks cute, but my binding was not wide enough to handle it, so my corners are not mitered well. My piecing does not match up! Too hard for a beginner. But the fabric is so pre
  16. Welcome Adrean, I am a newbie myself. This is a great place to talk to friends and learn a lot about quilting!! Wishing you much success.
  17. When you have degenerative disks, is the pain from the disk itself, or does it mean you have a pinched nerve? I am confused by all of this because I cannot get a diagnosis. I have constant muscle spasms, but dr. says, "muscle spasms are not your problem." Have a whole lot of questions for the PT. I have been going thru this for 22 years. It is constant now. Cheri, I will certainly ask about the Teeter before I try it, thanks. Not sure if it is the right thing for me.
  18. Sharon and Dave, thank you very much for the info. I have had 2 fusions in my neck, and have had epidural injections. I shy away from injections now because, since I had some bad experiences, I get very anxious when they bring it up, and I have very bad vaso-vagel reactions. Not that long ago I had a breathing test where I passed out and vomited and my blood pressure dropped. It really scared the staff. I am terrified of getting more injections; they always hurt more than they say they will. I guess I have lost my trust in the medical profession. I have agreed to go for more PT for the
  19. What a cute little darling! I bet you have loads of fun with her!! Love the cowboy setting, too cute!
  20. Dancingraisin, I too have much feline help and can't do anything on the floor or bed. Even using the table can be hard! My husband stands there and removes cats as needed. lol
  21. I would agree with everyone above on what to try, but wanted to say good luck and how nice that you can use your wonderful skills for fund raising. Quilters are the nicest people around.
  22. I am getting so discouraged. I have only had my Tiara about 6 months, and now I am wondering if I made a mistake getting it. Don't get me wrong, I love it. But I cannot use it due to pain. I put up two bungee cords, from the ceiling to hold the quilt, but still can't sit in front of it. Is there a market out there for used Tiara's? It is only 1 yr old. I hope I can keep it, only time will tell.
  23. Janette, I am so sorry that you seem to be in a similar position as me. I was interested in your response because my dr. does the nerve burning injections, but a nurse/friend told me that she had them and that the pain for about 6 weeks afterward was terrible. That is why I have stayed away from them. My dr. also wants me to get facet injections, but I have grown so anxious and upset now when I go for treatments such as this, due to some very bad experiences with injections and a terribly botched myelogram that was quite painful, that I have declined. He is quite angry with me because I am