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  1. Janette, how do you manage to keep quilting with back pain? Any tips for me?
  2. Did it feel good on your back, or bad on your back, Delores? Did it make your back sore the next day? I haven't given up on it completely yet, just taking about one week off of it, so my muscles can settle down.
  3. Betsy, I used it very little, one or two hours a couple of times per day. It proved to be too much for me. I am suffering now because I have decided to go off of my pain meds. I don't take that much anyway, but I have noticed that they don't work too well anymore. I am trying some more natural things. I am so aggravated with my dr., I hope I never see him again. I called them the other day and told them that the medicine I was on was making me itch, especially my head, and could they recommend a product to help. They told me to go to my regular dr. cause maybe I have a parasite. I assum
  4. Janette, IDK, I used it for several days and had to stop due to painful muscle spasms. I have not been able to sew at all. I don't blame it on the Posture Rite, I have a very bad pain issue. Not sure if I am going to send it back or try again.
  5. I am finishing up a disappearing 9-patch and did SID.. It was my first quilt with so much piecing so the blocks don't meet! What a pain to SID! Lesson learned.
  6. Linda, I looked at these pillows on Amazon, and there are many. Can you tell me specifically which one you got? Thank you. I also ordered a small book from Amazon on how to heal your neck with gentle exercises. Not sure I will be able to do any of them, but I thought it was worth a try, since it was quite inexpensive. I have pretty much given up on doctors, after 22 years of treatment, including 2 fusions, they have not helped me at all. Now I just get pain meds. Their staff cannot even get my appt. right, much less anything else. Yes, I am quite aggravated with them. My present dr. i
  7. Well, this is encouraging. I started using it yesterday, a little at a time. Don't want to overdue as I am already sore. But definitely pulls me up straighter and my shoulders are down and relaxed. I was able to sew a bit today so I am hoping it will help me. My son, a carpenter, wants to try it because he hunches over all day, using a nailing gun or whatever. I may have to get one for him. Peg F.
  8. Has anyone tried the Body Rite Posture Pleaser, for sale at Amazon? I heard about it somewhere, and I am getting desperate to relieve some of my neck and upper body pain. I ordered it and got it today, so I will proceed slowly, and try to remember to update here, in case anyone else could benefit from it. Peg F.
  9. Oh, wow, that is fabulously beautiful and random. How could they not love it!
  10. Linda, how can you keep the seams away from the potential edge of the top? Won't the seam go to the edge of the back? I guess I don't understand what you mean. Thanks
  11. I will try to post pic when I am done. It may take me about a week to finish it. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to post a member pic. The big toolboxes, Linda, sound like a great idea, especially since they roll.
  12. I don't know what an Urban Elementz board is but I assume it is for quilters with a frame. I am going to google it and check it out. I have a Tiara.
  13. My granddaughter started a quilt with me, she did part of it and then asked me to finish it! I had let her pick out the fabric, but then she changed her room and did not like it anymore. I am sure I will end up using it for something eventually. We made stuffed monsters a few times, she enjoyed that. Now she wants to make a large simple square dog bed for their shepherd mix. That should be simple enough! Oh, and she also made some big hair bows. She is 16 now and her tastes are changing. (Boys, and basketball. She is a freshman and is so good that she has been in the paper about 4 time
  14. Oh, wow! Beautiful child, beautiful fabric! What fun you must have had. She will never forget it, I bet!
  15. When my son was in carpentry school, he made a long wooden tool box with a handle. He does not use it and was going to pitch it. I snagged it! What a treasure! It has a long narrow section, perfect for rulers, and a shelf, perfect for spools, as well as a large center storage area! I am fixing up my sewing room so I am painting it and it is going to be so cute! He was very surprised that I grabbed it and he won't recognize it soon! haha I love thinking outside the box for storage. Now if I could just be more creative minded when quilting! Peg F. (SewAsylum)
  16. I have tried and tried to put a member photo on this forum, read help, tried to import, crop, etc. No matter what I do it says my picture is to many kg. Can't figure it out! Help. (This is my cat, Callie Marie, helping me sew.)
  17. Is it okay to just carefully snip them off? I don't know if that is acceptable in the pro. quilting world.
  18. Tami, I wish you great luck! It sounds like you have so much experience in the business world that you could not fail if you tried. Vicki, getting DVD's is a great idea. I plan on getting some as soon as I can! I have several on my wishlist already. Right now I am fixing up my sewing room a bit, painting shelves, etc. I also learn a lot on Youtube, and the tutorials available at some quilting and fabric websites. It will be great to be able to watch the DVD's again and again. That is one thing I like about Craftsy classes, too. Once you buy one, you can watch it again as long as you l
  19. Thank you ladies, I feel better having vented, but my entire family is devastated by this. There is nothing we can do but be supportive. He has a lawyer and I imagine things will move along pretty quickly. It is a shame that the lives of the children will be so disrupted. The pilot has children also, so who knows who will end up with whom!
  20. I love old machines but, sadly, have no room. I am lucky I have room for my "new" machines. But I sure would love to see pics of them.
  21. Dave, I asked my husband this question and he said exactly what you did, "best thing I did was retire." He was a mail carrier for over 30 years. So many changes at the post office and he just could not handle it anymore. He was so good at his job, looking after the people on his route, especially the elderly. They miss him! Also have 3 other retired mail carriers in my family. Shirley, I too have learned not to lend out books. Never get them back! I love taking classes but find it so difficult to sit thru them due to some health issues. Some of the quilt shops in my area have free and
  22. If any of you with sit down machines are interested in a support system that helps hold your quilt up so it does not fall into your lap, see my post under the "chat about anything" forum called "pulley system to support quilt" and I tell about a system that is helping me to support the quilt, preventing "drag" and neck and shoulder pain. There are several ways to do this, and I think it is quilt helpful. I wanted to share it with others.
  23. I like 80/20 batting, cotton/poly, but I have not used this on flannel, as I am a newbie.