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  1. I have a 2012 Freedom, and I do have the kit with the new feet. Is there a picture and description of the feet included in the kit somewhere so I know what each foot is for?
  2. Is the hopping foot that comes with the APQS machines considered a ruler foot? I have a Freedom but I think all the machines have the same foot.
  3. Does the Bliss table any special type of cleaning??
  4. Hi Dawn, So what does this mean for those who have already purchased the new feet? Is there a design change, or is this a new foot? Will the feet already produced fit future APQS machines too?
  5. Will the up front stylus fit on a Freedom SR? Can it be used without the basic unit??
  6. LOVE my Bernina 931, but it is heavy so I also have a Bernina Activa 145S that I take to retreats, etc. I'd love to get a 1230 to get more stitches since my 931 doesn't have the electronic stitch capabilities. Does anyone know anything about the 1630? Is it the same series as the 1230? Good reputation? My daughter has a Janome that was under $500 that she loves and I was impressed with too; not sure of the number.
  7. Linda, Hoping you'll make the spiral stencil available on the forum, too! I'd be interested. How did you mark the stencil? Are the spirals individual so you could offset/nest them in alternate rows? Great idea!!!
  8. I am also looking for a Bernina 1230, if there happens to be more than one available!!
  9. Welcome! You made a wise choice that you will not regret! Lenni is a great machine! If you have the funds, I'd recommend getting the Bliss table, but Lenni is great with the regular table too. I had never used a longarm either when I started with Lenni a few years ago; and I upgraded to a Freedom SR with the Bliss table last spring. I really liked the 2 button controls on the Lenni, very easy to learn to operate! Get ready for great quilting with Lenni!! You have also heard correctly-APQS has great customer service!
  10. So can you just buy a stylus and some big boards like the swirls, and run it from the front of the machine? Sorry to say I know very little about this, but wouldn't mind just having the swirls boards. I have a Freedom SR.
  11. I'm amazingly uninformed about boards, stylus, Quiltzoid, etc. Do you have a Quiltazoid type attachment, or can you just get a stylus add-on to use with boards? I have a Freedom SR, and just do free hand quilting, don't do pantos. Thanks!
  12. Julie, How hard is it to exchange the feet? I didn't know there is a set of 3! Let us know how you like them all!
  13. Here in MN we are having abnormally warm temps for fall-in the 80's, sunny, and beautiful with colorful leaves falling on the ground. Can you tell fall is my favorite season? Of course MN winter will be here before we are ready for it!