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  1. LOVE my Bernina 931, but it is heavy so I also have a Bernina Activa 145S that I take to retreats, etc. I'd love to get a 1230 to get more stitches since my 931 doesn't have the electronic stitch capabilities. Does anyone know anything about the 1630? Is it the same series as the 1230? Good reputation? My daughter has a Janome that was under $500 that she loves and I was impressed with too; not sure of the number.

  2. Welcome! You made a wise choice that you will not regret! Lenni is a great machine! If you have the funds, I'd recommend getting the Bliss table, but Lenni is great with the regular table too. I had never used a longarm either when I started with Lenni a few years ago; and I upgraded to a Freedom SR with the Bliss table last spring. I really liked the 2 button controls on the Lenni, very easy to learn to operate! Get ready for great quilting with Lenni!! You have also heard correctly-APQS has great customer service!

  3. Well, I'm discouraged. Instead of losing .6 lb to make my 15 lb short term goal, I gained 1.4. Sigh. :( And I tracked all of my points, and greatly increased my activity during the week. We went up to the North Shore for the weekend, and biked at least 60 min ea day, on hilly trails, and also walked briskly 30-60 min each day. Maybe my efforts will show next week; sure hope so! I am still making sure I exercise at least 30 min each day, which I had not doing the last couple months, more like a couple times a week.

  4. Glad to see this thread back!! I've been pretty discouraged the last month or so; either maintaining or losing a lb or less a week, with a few weeks of finding part of it again. I've been very diligent in measuring my foods and tracking them on e-tools on my computer, but not so good with getting much activity/exercise in. However, next Tues will be the last week of my 1st 17 week session, and if I lose .4 lb, I will have lost 15 lbs!! That is a great incentive for me to stay on track this week, and especially during Labor Day weekend, which can be difficult. I have been disappointed at my minimal loss each week compared to so many others, but I can fit into a couple pair of pants that used to be too small, and I feel a lot better. So, on to the session and hopefully another 15 or more lb weight loss!! I really like my WW at Work meetings; the group is great and it helps me stay on track or at least encouraged and accountable!!

  5. Looking for feedback/suggestions for cross hatching rulers. Does anyone have the Westalee cross hatch rulers from Quilters Rule? ( ) If so, how do you like them? How about compared to the cross hatch rulers by Linda Rech (I think; see that clamp onto the levelor bar?? Any other suggestions or ideas? I welcome your expertise! :)

  6. I'm planning to get Red Snappers and the Red-E Edge clamps, but would like advice on what size to get? I have a 12 ft Freedom SR, but am considering getting the 10 ft Red Snappers and some of the smaller clamps to fill in as needed. I only do quilts for myself, and will rarely need the full 12 ft length. The Red Snappers come in 10, 12, & 14 ft; the Red-E Edge clamps come in 12, 16, & 20".

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

    Also-if you have them, do you like them?