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  1. I don't have a quilting business, but I have used QuickBooks and more recently QuickBooks Pro for our farm accounting for more than 15 years. I have been very happy with it, and I can make it as detailed or general as I want, depending on what I want to keep track of. I would suggest having an accountant help you set up your record keeping system and getting started with in the beginning. After that, it is very easy to use. The entry screens look like commonly used forms, ex: a check blank, so are easy to fill in. Good luck!!
  2. Very nice quilt-love your quilting!! Prayers for Liam's recovery and health!
  3. It is gorgeous!! You did a beautiful job with the quilting!! Love it!!
  4. So sorry for all you have been through, sounds like you need time to heal physically and emotionally. Take your time and go slow, maybe starting a small sewing/quilting project will get you back in the mood. When it's been a while and I don't know where to start, its nice to start something and just enjoy the healing that seems to come through piecing and creating and spending time doing something I like to do.
  5. Great jog! The quilting really enhances the quilt pattern and fabrics!
  6. Oh my goodness-it is absolutely beautiful!! You did a fantastic job!!
  7. Your yard and gardens sound beautiful! Do you have any pictures to share??
  8. Dawn and Barb- My gear box has the C, so now I have the option to get the feet or the big bobbin. Nice to have both options available!! I'll wait and hear how people like them before making any decision. Just thinking, would there be a reason to have both gear boxes so you could switch back and forth depending on your needs, or is the gear box more of a permanent part of the machine? I only quilt for myself, so the L bobbin works fine for me.
  9. Dawn, thanks for the explanation of the benefits of the new feet--now I get it! :-) Does an adjustment or upgrade need to be made to be able to get the new feet, or will they attach to the current machines? I'm thinking an open toe foot would be very useful! Looking forward to hearing more about it! I'm going to go check and see if my Freedom has the new gearbox!
  10. I just upgraded to a new Freedom SR with Bliss, so no more upgrades for me for a long time! Guess I'll make do just fine with my L bobbin. Can someone explain how the new feet will be used and what the benefit will be? Can't quite figure it out . . .
  11. Heidi, I hear you on the steroids! I was on 50 mg x 3 days, 40 mg x 3, and starting 30 mg for 3 days tomorrow, then 20 x 3, 10 x 3, and DONE! I did go for walk today for 1/2 hour, I was sweating in the 85 degree heat, but at least I got started moving again! Now to get the food (and "edgy feeling") under control! Glad to hear you're feeling better too! Sure don't want to repeat this experience!!
  12. This is a tough week for me, the 2nd round of steroids is making me HUNGRY and I can't seem stay away from the food! Also am retaining fluid, and just plain feel discouraged. Aaargh! Well, at least the itching is gone and the rash is healing--am thankful for that!! It can only get better from now on, right??
  13. fabric007-At the wedding they served blueberry, apple, or mixed berry pie at the instead of wedding cake~wedding pie! That I chose to eat--wouldn't have had the cake, that I can pass up easily.
  14. Well, considering the past week, I guess gaining .4 lb wasn't too bad. We had a wedding and reception with dinner and wedding pie, went to a Sunday Brunch buffet, I'm back on steroids, and it is WAY to hot and humid to exercise at all. Temps and humidity 90s and above. Windows and even my glasses fog up when I go outside! Still, I was hoping to at least stay even. Hopefully this week will be better! Next week we'll be traveling to an out of town wedding for several days, and that is always hard to eat healthy and within points and get exercise! My progress has been very slow the last few weeks
  15. Tell me more about Pam Clarke stencils--sounds interesting! How do they help with spacing designs? Any particular favorites?
  16. Heidi, sounds like we're in the same boat again with the poison ivy/rash. After 9 days on prednisone, my rash was fading and I was getting better, but then it started spreading and getting worse again; and I haven't been outside at all! So I went back to the Dr today and got another 15 days on prednisone and some more trimacinalone ointment. He said poison ivy is a 21 day rash, and the original prednisone knocked it down some but not enough. Hoping this will work this time! I've been taking Zyrtec daily and Benadryl several times a day also along with ibuprofen and using Benadryl gel alternati
  17. Beautiful!! Can't wait to see it after its quilted~make sure you post pics!
  18. It's beautiful!! I love scrappy quilts! You both did a great job!!! Maybe I better start using up some scraps . . .
  19. Heidi, I empathize with you; I'm is the same spot you are! I don't think it is poison ivy, but I certainly reacted strongly to something :-( I've had it on my calves for the last 7-10 days, and thought I was getting over it by using Benadryl lotion and pills, but now it has started on my left forearm, and the itching is horrible! Since it was spreading, I went to the Dr and got prednisone pills and cream, but after 2 days of meds, it still isn't getting any better. The itching is driving my crazy! This has happened a couple other times in the past, but it seems worse this time. Hope you are f
  20. I have the Office Star 205 also, and really like it, although it does take getting used to. I use it more often for planning, pinning, ripping, etc, but is very nice to have then to give my legs a break. I don't use it much when doing large meanders, etc, as that goes so fast. I did a search and got a website that compared price and shipping from several sources. I watched that for a little while and waited til I got a good price with free shipping, I think it was CNS Office Supply or something like that.
  21. Sharon, I agree with you; I can't get the hang of pantos either, I prefer free hand, but do need to continue practicing! I see you are from MN too, where in MN do you live?
  22. Della, as the others have said, you can do it!! I had only hand quilted when I got my longarm, so it was totally new to me, and only for my personal use, not as a business. Practice, practice, practice, and remember you don't have to be a perfectionist, as my daughter is constantly reminding me!! :-) She also got a long arm at the same time, and is doing wonderfully with it!! You will have a great time, especially with Bliss! Using the white board and doodling are great ways to experiment and train your muscles to get used to the basic motions that make up designs. Also, take advantage of q