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  1. I had been doing really well until last week. All my kids and grandkids were here for the weekend and some for the following week, and we just had too much food around and too many family get-togethers. I was up 1.6# :-( but had lost every week prior to that. Hopefully I'll be down again this week, weigh in is Tuesday. We had a wonderful time with all the kids and little ones around, so I'm thankful for the time we all had together! I appreciate the support from this group-so helpful!! I need encouragement to get my exercise it! Was out gardening for a couple hours today--and I can already te
  2. I remember hearing at the APQS Road Show that the Singer needles were recommended. However, when I bought my new machine from APQS, I received Gros Beckert needles with it, so that is what I've been using and I haven't had any problems with them.
  3. I have a 12 ft Freedom with motorized fabric advance that sticks out on the end, so about 12 1/2 ft wide in a 13 ft wide room. I have to crawl under the machine to get to the back (panto side) of the machine. It's not ideal, but works fine for me, as its in a spare bedroom. The table would have to be taken apart, they don't "fold down" to a smaller size. It could be pushed up tight to a wall to gain extra space in the room if that is an option. You will love Lenni, or any of the APQS machines. I'd advise going to a Road Show or quilt show, or finding a dealer so you can actually see what th
  4. The APQS website has a link where you can compare the features available on each of the models. I recently upgraded to a Freedom SR from a Lenni. I think the only differences between the Millie and the Freedom are the Milli has a lower thread cutter, vertical channel locks, and some more controls on the left handle. Look at the features you want and compare prices. I didn't care about the thread cutter or the channel locks, so chose the Freedom and lower price. Whichever one you choose, you will love it; you really can't go wrong!!
  5. Sounds like a wonderful vacation and a fantastic family--you are blessed! Hope your son finds a job that is a perfect fit for him!
  6. Marilyn-I really like your Tumbling Blocks quilt!! Did you use freehand the CCs or use a ruler? Very nice job-add so much dimension to the quilt. I just may have to make you, I've always liked the pattern!
  7. Well, I'll see tomorrow how the past week has gone. Haven't done too bad Points wise, but my choice of foods has been worse than usual. My daughter and family, inc 4 sweet grandkids are here, so more bars, etc in the house. Did have chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream tonite . . . I weigh again tomorrow at work, will let you know how it goes. Haven't exercised all week. :-(
  8. I know there has been discussion about different side clamps that are available, but I haven't been able to find it by searching. Can someone help me find it? Would also like comments, suggestions, etc on the different styles available. Thanks everyone!!
  9. If you are wanting to get a stitch regulated machine, there is also a never-been-used 2007 Liberty for sale for $8500 that would be worth checking into. It is located in MN, refer to the post on this thread.
  10. It's beautiful! I bet it looks even better it looks in person-wish I could have seen it!! Congratulations!!
  11. I really like the new Points Plus program-especially the free fruit! I rarely eat all my points, unless I add in a WW ice cream dessert occasionally. I had done WW Online on and off for about 10 years, mostly off. I joined WW at Work 3 weeks ago, and have lost over 6 lbs; I weigh in again tomorrow. I find I really need the accountability of going to meetings and seeing people I work with during the week. I still struggle with getting my exercise in tho-too little time, and much easier to justify quilting with my limited time after working! Also love being able to count my coffee in the liqui
  12. Shana, I'm with you. Working 10 or so hours every day makes it really hard to get in any exercise, especially when I want to quilt when I get home! That is a constant struggle for me. Also, if I sit down for a few minutes to relax and clear my head, have trouble getting up and getting going on a walk or whatever. However, if I go upstairs and quilt, I am away from the food so don't sit and snack!
  13. She is beautiful!! I love the pic where she is hugging her doll-just precious! Her smocked dress is gorgeous--I used to smock for my 3 girls too! Now have a new granddaughter, so perhaps I will try smocking again!
  14. I'm with you! I started WW at Work 3 wks ago; lost 6 lbs so far, but haven't been exercising at all last several days. :-( Now my Freedom arrived tonight, so I want to play and get to know her too! Moral support is so important-great idea!
  15. Judy, Where are you located in Central MN? I live in that area also, and have a Lenni, but am upgrading to a Freedom SR with Bliss. I am actually waiting for it to be delivered right now!! Glad to hear you are happy with your Bliss, I'm sure I will be too!
  16. I'm another who uses straight pins, if the quilt isn't too big.
  17. How exciting! Before and after pics please~love to see everyone's quilting space!
  18. Enjoy your new Freedom! Hope all goes well adjusting to the new machine. I also upgraded to a Freedom from a Lenni, and am waiting to hear when it will be delivered. Hoping I will be able to figure out all the different control buttons on the handles-there's so many more than on Lenni.
  19. thanks for the update-I was wondering why old posts were appearing. Thanks also for removing the offenders from the list.
  20. Like several others, I also have the back side against the wall, as I don't like to do pantos. Unfortunately, space is so tight it is easier for me to go underneath the machine than try to squeeze by on either side. Enjoy your new Lenni!
  21. Oh my goodness-the quilt is beautiful! Great job on the pebbles, you are probably seeing them in your sleep!
  22. Mine is from Joann Fabrics and I really like it! It folds down to a narrow table and it does not have wheels on the bottom, so no problem with it rolling away, yet still easy to move. It is sturdy and easy and I haven't had any trouble with it. Watch their flyer or online for coupons, I got mine on sale. Good luck finding the table you want!
  23. very cute baby quilt!! Love the little birdies!! nice job!