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  1. Hi Wend, Welcome to the Forum! I hope you find the info you need to choose the right machine for you. Last year I was in the same place you are, except I had already decided on an APQS, just wasn't sure when to buy and which machine. I went to a APQS Road Show in Feb and saw several machines and got to try them all. Like you, I am only quilting for myself, and I chose to get a new Lenni, and I love her! Just wish I had more time to quilt! Everyone at APQS has been great to work with. Enjoy your search!
  2. Welcome Judy! Nice to hear from someone else from Central MN!! Enjoy getting acquainted with your new Freedom and all the fun you will have quilting!
  3. Absolutely stunning! Love the fabrics, and the quilting is just perfect, the feathers just flow across the quilt!! The customer will love her quilt!!
  4. Beautiful quilting!! Are you an experienced LA with a new Milli??
  5. Welcome, and glad you are post-lurking! This is a great place to meet other quilters, see what they are working on, and get help for any problems you may encounter! Enjoy your new Milli!
  6. Beautiful!! I love those fabrics, and your quilting is beautiful! Your mom will love it!! Sure would like to see a pic of the entire quilt!
  7. Lifting you and your family up in prayer; may God lay His healing hand on David, and fill you and your family with his strength and peace.
  8. Very nice Marilyn! I'm sure your kids and granddaughter will love her new quilt, its so bright and cheery!! I understand the long distance grandparenting--4 of my grandkids live in San Diego, and I'm in MN!
  9. Oh my goodness--it is absolutely beautiful!! Your sister will love it!! Great job!!!
  10. Hi Judy--welcome and enjoy your new Freedom!! Where are you located in Central MN? I'm also Central MN . . . I got my Lenni in March and love it, but need to find more quilting time!
  11. Wow! Your quilting is great, and I love the fabrics you used! How fun to be learning and improving your quilting as you are--I'm very impressed! Great job!
  12. Congratulations Grandma!! What beautiful blessings!!! You are so fortunate to be so close to them, you will be able to watch them grow! I only get to see 4 of mine a couple times a year because they are 1/2 a country away from me, but the other 2 are just 2 hrs away, so see them more often! I'm sure there are baby quilts in the works or already done--enjoy!!
  13. Hi Carol, welcome!! How great to have a Millie and then be retiring soon!! I'm also a RN, and just started a full-time job, so that really cuts into my quilting time. I got a Lenni in March, and wish I had more time to quilt! I'll have to wait about 10 years before retirement. . . I agree, this forum is great, and I learn so much! Enjoy your Millie!
  14. Hi Karen-congratulations on your new Lenni! You will love her! I got mine in March, and just wish I had more time to quilt! How fun to be able to quilt with Pearl, I'm sure you all learn a lot from her. May we all be so fortunate to be able to quilt that long!
  15. I'm very impressed! Very nice job-your quilting is great!! Have you machine quilted before??? Enjoy your Lenni!!
  16. Sounds interesting--add me to the list as well!
  17. Congratulations! Great comments from the judges on your quilting!
  18. Beautiful! The quilting in the stars really makes them stand out! Way to nice for the car!
  19. Welcome natderueil! I love your feathers! Thanks for posting the videos-now I'm motivated to try them again, and not try to make them all the same size, which I couldn't accomplish anyway!
  20. The feathers are a great idea--they really add to the quilt! Make sure you show us the finished product!
  21. Way to go!! You will love your Lenni, and it's so much fun to practice, practice, practice and then do your first quilt! I got my Lenni in March, and just wish I had more time to quilt!! Congrats and welcome to the forum--lots of support and encouragement here!
  22. While I'm not burned out; I'm feeling overwhelmed with a new full-time job, so I can identify with you. I'm a nurse, and we were taught in nursing school the importance of taking care of yourself so you are capable of taking care of others. This is also true in other areas of life--you need to be rested and emotionally healthy to function well, in work and "play." Take time for yourself, and some time off of quilting until you feel ready. Soon you will be excited to get back to it! Hope things are getting better for you already!
  23. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful!! I love the red and white, and the feathered star too! Your feathers are gorgeous--I just hope some day I will be able to do feathers like that!
  24. The quilt is beautiful, and so is your quilting! I'm sure the recipient will love the quilt!! How fun you can work together with your sister--what a blessing!