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  1. The quilt is beautifu! And that is a great fundraiser for a very worthy cause!
  2. Very nice! Looking at the quilt makes me smile!
  3. Hi Raechel, I was a lurker for a time too until I ordered my Lenni. Lenni arrived in March and I'm having a great time playing with her, just ready to start my first quilt after PPP. Has your Lenni arrived yet, or when is the scheduled special day? You will love your Lenni!
  4. I finally got my first real quilt on my Lenni! I was kind of nervous, but it went very well! Now to figure out what to quilt. So if you can see the picture, it shows I've learned how to do 2 new things!
  5. It's fun to see your daughters quilting with Lenni and Milli, you will have so much fun watching them grow and mature as quilters! When my daughters were at home, they weren't very interested, but now 2 of my 3 girls are into quilting, although 1 lives in San Diego while the rest of us are in MN. My youngest daughter and I both just got Lenni's, so we are embarking on our longarm journey at the same time, although we live 4 hours away from each other. It's still great to share the love of quilting with them!
  6. Jackie, I'm so sorry you can't get your Lenni right now. It's hard to be so excited and then be disappointed. I hope it will work out for you in the future, and that you will still be active in the forum.
  7. What a wonderful quilting studio! You are so fortunate! My Lenni is crammed into a small bedroom with steeply slanted ceilings, and my DSM and ironing board are stashed into the other small bedroom with slanted ceilings. Tight space but workable.
  8. Funny you should ask . . . I have the day off today, so I unloaded my very first practice "muslin" quilt, and hope to get my first real quilt loaded today. I'm kind of nervous to do it for the first time, so I kind of dragged my feet on getting started. Wish me the best in getting it loaded correctly! Then, if I can learn how to insert a picture, I'll post a picture of my very first quilt on my Lenni!
  9. I also placed my order with "forum" in the notes section, as the coupon code was invalid. Thanks! I'm excited to get my EQ7 and try it out!
  10. Thanks for the info-I'm going to give it a try.
  11. Congratulations on your new Lenni! You will love her! Sounds like you have already been busy quilting-good for you! I noticed you said Matt set your machine to the right height for you--how did he figure the right height? Are there recommendations for where the bar should in relation to your body?
  12. How fun to have a Mili and a Lenni! That is a great service to provide for your customers! I may just be unimaginative, but I like the name Lenni, it fits so well, and she came with it, so my Lenni is named Lenni!
  13. Congratulations!! Your ring is beautiful--I love the blue stone!
  14. EQ7 sounds interesting. Can you give me some ideas on how you use the program? Also, do you know yet how much s/h will be? I'm interested, but want to be sure I'd use it enough to justify the purchase. Any tips and ideas would be appreciated!
  15. Hi Marilyn, We rode bike on the trails near Lanesboro and Preston a couple of years ago--very pretty and great trails! Our daughter and her husband are moving to Rochester this week, so I hope to get down there sometime soon. I live in Willmar, pretty much in the center of the state. It's nice to hear from another Minnesotan, especially a Lenni owner!
  16. Marilyn, where do you live in SE MN? I'm also in MN and a new Lenni owner.
  17. Welcome Jade, I'm sure you will love your Lenni! I've had mine for about 6 weeks and have been having a lot of fun practicing. As someone suggested, I've been watching as many Youtube videos as I can. Another great resource is reading all the posts on the APQS forum, lots of great info here! My suggestion is to make sure you get some thread, as I used up the spools that came with my machine and now I'm waiting for my thread to arrive so I can get started on a real quilt.
  18. Welcome Bev! I'm sure you will love your Lenni. I got my Lenni about 6 weeks ago and have been practicing alot. Now I'm anxiously waiting for some thread to arrive so I can start on some real quilting projects. Wish I would have been prepared and ordered it sooner!
  19. Hi Nancy, I am Nancy also, and also a newbie. My Lenni arrived the beginning of March. I'm just ordering thread for the first time, so I understand your questions. This forum is a wonderful resource for all areas of quilting, and they are very friendly and helpful. Welcome, and hope you enjoy your Mille! Nancy
  20. Congratulations Pamela!! I'm sure you will enjoy your new Mille. I'm a newbie too, my Lenni arrived the beginnning of March, and this forum has been a great help and encouragement! Looking forward to hearing about your experiences with quilting!
  21. Congratulations on your new Lenni! Mine just arrived last week, so I am just learning too, although you have experience on a short arm and I've been a hand quilter up to now. I'm sure you will enjoy your Lenni!!
  22. Good idea to plan ahead! My Lenni arrived on Sat, and has a 10 ft table. I had been wanting a 12 ft table, but decided the 10 would be better for the room, which is 13 ft wide. I am SO glad I chose the 10 ft! I didn't take the height of the machine into consideration, and the ceiling of our old 1 1/2 story house has steep slants on both sides of the room--a 12 foot table would have been too high and would have hit the ceiling on each side! It is a good idea to consider the depth also-it is amazing how big the machine looks in the room! My daughter is also getting her Lenni tomorrow afternoon
  23. My Lenni arrived today, earlier than planned! She is up and running, but I sure have a lot to learn!! It is fun to play though! I'll take it one day at a time, but it may be awhile before I try a real quilt rather than the muslin I'm practicing on. Can't wait to have a day off this week to spend a whole day playing! Maureen--let me know when your Lenni arrives!
  24. Thanks for the great welcome! I'm looking forward to getting my Lenni; I found out today it may be delivered early-maybe this weekend! Can't wait to try it out! Thanks for all the tips, its nice to know others understand. My daughter is also getting a Lenni, so we will be learning "together," even though we live 2 hours away from each other.
  25. Maureen, I understand your excitement; I will be getting my Lenni next week!! I have made many quilts, and have been a hand quilter; but I have not used a longarm. I've never posted before, but have been lurking on the boards for awhile and have learned a lot. Can't wait to get started! Nancy