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  1. Mine is on the second floor of an old 1908 farm house, on carpeted floor. Only minor problem is living room with TV is directly below so a bit annoying for my hubby watching TV. He doesn't fuss but for anyone very sensitive it might be an issue. Or, give them head-set plugged into the TV. :-) Good point Connie & Cee K made about the rails fitting up the stairway. Ours did fit but later when I upgraded to Bliss it was easier to pass the 12 ft. rails through the window as our stairway does make a 90 degree turn.
  2. Thanks Jim and Shana. Jim -- I don't use my channel locks as I advance but I will start doing that. By just eyeballing it along the way it appears OK, but I don't see that gradual shift happening until but obviously it is. Shana -- thanks for the good instructions on the canvas leaders! I give this a try after I have my QOV quilt off the frame. I appreciate all suggestions!
  3. Good to know Connie. I'll probably just do that since I'll be moving my machine in a few weeks anyway. Good time to start with some fresh canvas!
  4. Hi Connie, the canvas leaders are original so about 10 years old. I only do about one quilt per month so not a heavy quilter. No zippers. I did pin the canvas leaders together a few weeks ago and they appeared to be very even. I'll try it again and see if notice anything different. I imagine even if off just a bit it can make a big difference. Thanks for the suggestion!!
  5. Hello all, I hope someone can help answer this as I've had this problem for years. I hope my description below makes sense. I have a 2009 (I believe) Millie with 12' table, blissed about 2 years after I purchased it. As I advance a quilt it "grows" about 3/4"-1" on the lower right-hand side (when facing front of the machine). So ultimately the bottom of my quilt is not straight across when I come to the end of the quilt. I've measured each roller bar to make sure they are level and the same height on each right and left sides. I have adjusted the take-up roller up or down a bit, purposely making it not quilt level, just to see if anything would change, but it didn't. Possibly I didn't adjust it enough as I expect to see some change, either better or worse. Usually I quilt each row as I go rather than baste the entire quilt first. Just for fun, I completely basted the quilt I'm working on now just to see if it would "grow" or not and it still did, just as if I quilted each row along the way. I usually do custom work so I quilt both directions (left to right and right to left) so I'm not in essence "pushing" the quilt the same direction all the time. Whether I do customs or pantos, the quilt still "grows" on the right side. I'm baffled. Any ideas what else I can look for? Thanks in advance!
  6. Awesome quilt and beautiful story. Bless you for doing this!
  7. Beautiful!!! I love scrappy quilts but this one is kinda sassy scrappy! I do like the black also.
  8. Thanks for everyone's nice comments! I'll find out next weekend how much it raised for the rescue group. We've had 4 boxers since we've been married, two of them rescues. We love the breed even with their crazy energy level!
  9. Oh yes, beautiful as expected! Love your different quilting designs in the fans. Gives it wonderful texture.
  10. Hello, Here's a Boxer dog quilt I made for our local rescue organization that is having a fundraiser. The rescue group asked if I would make something "quilty" and since I had a lot of advance notice the project grew. It took about 1 1/2 years off and on. It was so much fun to make. I hope it raises some money for the rescue group! Thanks for looking! Sorry some of the pictures are sideways! Pat
  11. Terry, I'm always so disappointed when I'm on my lunch hour here at work (as I am now), entertaining myself with this forum. I want to see your beautiful work but there are so many filters on our computers that I can't see them. So . . . . as soon as I get home you know where I'm headed! I'm sure I'll be as impressed as always.
  12. You are one ambitious lady! These look absolutely great. I admire you for taking on such a challenge!
  13. Love your freehand work Julie! I'm sure the Quiltpath is great for the E2E designs, but I would certainly miss the custom work. I'm sure it's great to have both options.
  14. It's breathtaking Lyn! Congratulations on your awards! We'd love to see it in the States but I'd have a hard time letting it out of my sight!
  15. That looks way better than my first quilt off the frame. You're off to a great start!! Keep posting pictures!
  16. Congratulation Missy - it's beautiful! I can see why it won!
  17. Oh my stars, i knew this would be even more stunning after you quilted it. Love what you did -- the tusks are perfect, the diamonds down the trunk, the swirls in the background, and the beautiful variations of quilting to accent the patchwork effect. Beautiful! I'm with lem157 -- can you send me some of your talent? Even a fraction would help! Thanks for sharing!
  18. This is crazy gorgeous! I admire people like you who can dream up ideas like this. I'm sure it was a headache at times but the end result is stunning. Thanks for the inspiration!
  19. I love it! And I love the story behind it. You did a great job on this quilt.
  20. I changed the wheels on my 2005 Millie to M&M wheels and it did help, but I was able to upgrade to Bliss shortly after and it made a big difference. I have back and shoulder issues so needed whatever help I could get. I'm sure you'd noticed an improvement. If you can do it, go for it!
  21. You should be pleased! It's beautiful! I would have been at a loss with such large areas, but you certainly divided and conquered. Thanks for sharing. You're inspiring!
  22. Looks great Deb! Can't wait to see what else you and Millie create!
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