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  1. That's beautiful David! You put a lot of thought and meaning into this and it shows. It's lovely. The lady at church is lucky to have such a beautiful gift. Love all of your designs!
  2. Pat C

    Labyrinth Quilt

    It's beautiful! No wonderful your customer was happy. You did a lovely job quilting this.
  3. I love pink and brown quilts myself and this one started out pretty without quilting, but your quilting makes it simply gorgeous. The quilting is perfect, really enhances the quilt. Thank you for sharing!
  4. The pieces turned out beautiful! Love how they all have their own "personalities". Your quilting is amazing, I love how you took the design of the tie die and incorporated the quilting design into it. It flows beautifully. Love your work!
  5. I was drawn to look at this one again. It's just so pretty. Love the color placement with the pinks in the center and darker colors around the star points. I love star quilts and will have to add this one to my bucket list to make one day! My bucket is filling faster than I have time for.
  6. Kathleen, it's stunning! Congratulations on your win! This is on my bucket list to make some day. I hope it turns out as beautiful as yours.
  7. Beautiful! I'd have to think on this one a while also. You definitely conquered it!
  8. Wow, that's beautiful Linda. Thank you for sharing your lovely work. Love the feathers!
  9. Wow - that's amazing! It's an interesting piece to begin with, but your quilting turned it into a real beauty! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Libby, they are both beautiful. I think your quilting is outstanding, as always. I agree in the busy print piano keys are fine. I've wasted a lot of time with detail quilting in a busy fabric only to be disappointed. It's not only difficult to quilt because you can't see the quilting, but once you are done, again, you can't see the quilting! I alway value others' opinions including judges but in the end as long as I'm happy with it (or the customer is) that's what counts.
  11. That's just precious! You look right at home by the sewing machine. "Santa" obviously knew the perfect gift for you!
  12. You put a lot of thought into how to quilt this and it definitely paid off. It's simply perfect. Not surprised your customer is thrilled! I always love to see your work. :-)
  13. Congratulations Terri! Your block is beautiful, I can see why it won. I don't live far from Omaha so will have to check it out this summer!
  14. Maybe washing/drying instructions? And the fiber content of the batting is sometimes helpful.
  15. They're beautiful! What a fun project. Thanks for sharing the instructions!
  16. Oh my, that's luscious! You and her make a great team of talent. Congratulations to both of you!
  17. Congratulations Heidi! I'm not surprised, your quilting and designs are just beautiful. You are an inspiration!!
  18. Yes, in my opinion it was a big improvement!
  19. Oh my, you did a beautiful job quilting this! It's a pretty quilt to begin with, but your quilting is stunning!
  20. Love it!! Aren't pets the greatest???!!! Cleaning those rails sure does make a difference too.
  21. What a masterpieces you have in process! I've been curious how this was coming along as I haven't been on the forum as much as I used to be. Hope you get the pain under control. It kinda takes the fun out of quilting.
  22. That looks like a very happy quilt! Love it!