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  1. What a sweet story (as I wipe tears from my eyes). I pray this couple surpass their 70th anniversary and beyond. Shana, I can only imagine how you touched their hearts.
  2. What a pretty quilt! Love the colors and especially love the feathers! Beautiful work.
  3. I really love this quilt and keep coming back to look at it. You did just a beautiful job, especially love the feathers! Do you mind if I ask where you found the pattern? It looks like a fun quilt to make.
  4. Ahhh . . . what a cutie! He looks so 'hug-able'! (Pretty quilt in the background too!!)
  5. This is beautiful! Looks like it was a fun one to quilt too!
  6. I cannot stop looking at the detail of this quilt. It is simply stunning! Beautiful work!!!
  7. Oh my - I LOVE this!!! You did a beautiful job! Going into my favorites!
  8. This is a great subject as I have struggled with that 'perfect' quarter inch seam and may have to give that #57 Bernina foot a try. It's also surprising how much a finer thread helps. Another issue I've had is the top fabric scooting along and ending up longer than the bottom piece, especially when strip piecing. I have a walking foot but it's really hard to maintain a 1/4" seam with that. I've adjusted the pressure on the presser foot, try to use the 'limper' fabric on the bottom, pinned (ugh!). Some fabrics are worse than others. Are there any secrets for keeping one side from looki
  9. I've requested time off from work so will sign up shortly! I don't live too far away so will make the drive thru the big "O"! Thank you for coordinating this!
  10. Oh my - these pictures are awesome! What a big beautiful Bargello! You gals must have had a great time making this. You must all be just silly!
  11. Thanks for the chalk-sharpening tip Sheri! I'll have to give that a try. I haven't worried too much about making too fine of a line because I can't follow too fine of a line anyway!!
  12. Hi Dustee, Last year I ordered the black light power from Their website is still up but I've heard they may be closing out, not sure. Looks like they also have the pencils. I purchased a black light pencil from our local quilt shop in Fremont, NE, you're not too far from there. I've started using the cheap white kids chalk found in the school supply section of most discount stores. I believe it was Heidi that mentioned it and it works great - brushes right off. I haven't been able to make a thin line with it, but for general marking it works fine. Marking quil
  13. Thanks everyone - this helps a bunch. I'm cross-hatching in these blocks so did SID first, then as I'm cross-hatching I going over some of the SID so I can keep a continuous line going. It does seem to look better if I stay in the ditch, even if it's on the sashing side, but getting a little thread build-up. I thought it would be best to SID each block before cross-hatching so the block doesn't distort. Maybe that wasn't the right thing to do?
  14. Hi! I've seen several good discussions on SID but I have a question and hope I can describe it. I'm working on embroidered blocks with a small 1" sashing. Some seams of the block have been pressed towards the block so I actually end up stitching on the sashing to stay 'in the ditch'. Is this OK? I try to pull the seam apart a bit to hide the stitching. Most seams are pressed away from the block so it's easier to SID on those seams, but I fell like I'm jumping from the ditch on one side, then the other when I come to a corner and turn. What is the best way to handle this?
  15. Oh - I love it! Really, really cute! I bet it was a fun one to quilt.
  16. Very pretty! Great job on the feathers - you are inspiring me!
  17. Wow Laura - your customer should be pleased. This quilt spoke to you very well!
  18. I'm very interested in taking classes. As long as I know in advance I can get off work if the classes end up on week days. Thanks for coordinating this Julie and Myrna!
  19. This is absolutely beautiful! Love everything about this quilt - colors, pattern and perfect quilting.
  20. Thank you Myrna! I just placed an order for some DVD's and can't wait to get them! I love your beautiful work.
  21. Thank you all for such great ideas! Since this is for a customer I'll let her decide whether she wants the embroidery stitched through or not. I can see how it would not really be noticed if very thin thread is used, but I'd hate for her to be disappointed. After all, she started this when there were only 48 states in the country. I think the Hawaii and Alaska blocks will be pillows. Thanks again! Pat C
  22. There we go, thank you!!! I had a symbol in the title then was previewing it. Thank you to Doodlebug for great instructions!
  23. Well, phooey! I figured the pictures wouldn't post. Second try ..... Here's my original message from the first post (which I will attempt to delete): Hi everyone! I've been reading this forum over 1 1/2 years and I cannot tell you how much I have learned from all of you! I bought my Millie in April of 2010 and it was the best decision ever. I feel like I have dozens of not only teachers out here, but friends I have never met. Having said that I'd like to ask for suggestions on an embroidered customer quilt. I've read where some have quilted right over the embroidery, but I'm hesi