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  1. Very pretty! I love the colors you used and the quilting is perfect. I can see why it won first place. Congratulations!
  2. Looks great to me! I like the outlining done on the border. It's always so hard to figure out the best quilting designs for these types of designs but what you did looks perfect!
  3. This is one of the prettiest scrappy quilts I've seen! I love the back too. I thought one of the reasons we use up our stash was so we could buy more fabric. Is that what I've been doing wrong?
  4. Love it! Yes, those husbands who put up with our "fabric stash" are wonderful. Of course, they have their hobbies too that we tolerate!
  5. You did a great job Valerie! Your quilting is perfect for this design. The piecing is wonderful too. What a lot of work this quilt must have been but the end result is beautiful!
  6. Congratulations! Yes, it is wonderful to "test drive" before making a final decision. Enjoy your addition!!!
  7. This is beautiful Dell! Lone Stars are my favorite. You're doing a beautiful job. Both piecing and quilting are beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished quilt!
  8. Hi Tracey, I watched a few of these and they are wonderful! Thanks so much for taking the time and sharing these. I always wonder how do you know where you're going next?? I always get myself into a pickle but you make it so easy. I guess I just "doodle" my way out.
  9. Very sweet! Someone will treasure it for sure!
  10. And here I was going to find the tracking number because I thought they were to arrive today. But I'm at work on my lunch hour and realized the tracking number is at home. Glad they arrived!!!
  11. This is beautiful Diane! Love the quilt and your quilting. Your friends daughter will treasure this!
  12. Very pretty Dell! You must have patience to frog the gray out. How kind of you to do this for the two ladies.
  13. Oh too funny!! Looks like something my husband would do. How kind of her to step out and offer water.
  14. Nice talking to you too Zeke! Yep, they're yours! Glad you're able to put them to use.
  15. I'm bringing this back up to the top since I just had the wheels re-worked by APQS in case they were the bad ones. They're still for sale!
  16. Wow - that couldn't have turned out any better! Really a neat quilt. I'm sure her BIL will love it.
  17. Congratulations Linda! If we get to the State Fair I'll have to look for it. We've been talking about going for several years now. This would be a good excuse to go!
  18. Congratulations!! What a stunning quilt. Looks great with those well-deserved ribbons!
  19. I've always pressed in half but now I'm going to try not pressing and see how that works. I say do whatever works best for you!! No rules!
  20. A big thank you to your daughter for the job she does. You should be proud! What an honorable quilt for her and the special touch from Grandpa makes it even more of a treasure. I love the shadowbox style and the quilting is perfect. You must have marked the area on the panto where it would hit the shirt buttons when you came to that area. Looks great!
  21. Love it Terry! The quilting you did is perfect. It's the right color too! Can you tell I live on a farm and what color we have?
  22. Oh Vicki, it turned out perfect! So glad you posted pictures as I've been anxious to see the finished quilt. Lovely!