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  1. That's wonderful Heidi!!! Well deserved, your work is stunning. Thanks for sharing the great news with us!
  2. She's precious Valerie! Enjoy your new little bundle, the quilting will always be there. However, I bet you whip out a beautiful quilt (or five!) during her naps.
  3. Wow, Diane, this is really pretty! Love the quilting you did. Do you love, love, love wool batting???!!!
  4. Very, very pretty Carmen! I'll have to check out those curved cross-hatched rulers.
  5. Top notch as usual Ardelle. You give such beautiful quilts the finishing touch they deserve. I always love looking at your work! Thanks for taking the time to post!
  6. You really are creative! You can do modern, artsy, heirloom, what can't you do?? Thanks for sharing your lovely work. You're inspiring me to be brave and try something besides feathers!
  7. It's charming! The quilting design is perfect. You have a great Memorial Day weekend too! This body won't be in a swimsuit and world will thank me for that.
  8. What a great whole-cloth to show off so many different quilting designs. Her class obviously did "click" with you! It's very balanced. Love it!
  9. Wow, I really, really, really love this quilt. My goodness, what talent you have! I can see this beauty passed from one generation to the next. You've created an amazing heirloom. Thank you for sharing!
  10. Beautiful quilting Teresa! Glad you're bonding well with Millie. Can't wait to see what you do next!
  11. That is really cool! Love your quilting and the design is great. Impressive!
  12. You've been a blessing to Madison and she obviously is to you also. I can't imagine what you've been thru with the court system. Bless you for being her voice. The story you wrote about above is so sad. What makes people have such little value for someone's life?
  13. Oh good, glad the boxes were found! Kinda like having a new sports car sitting in your driveway without an engine.
  14. Oh Teresa, I'm so excited for you!! You've waited a long time and are so deserving of this. I'm sure you and Millie will bond right away.
  15. I can't think of anything more to add that hasn't already been said. It's spectacular! Love the thread colors you chose and the quilt design is wonderful. I envy those of you who can come up with designs like this. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!
  16. Beautiful Andrea! I love your style of quilting. It's amazing how you can make straight lines look so appealing. I'm sure it wasn't easy but it's very stunning.
  17. I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said. Your work is absolutely stunning! I'd have a hard time parting with it too, but it will be a treasure for someone.
  18. Rita - you are too funny! Lisa, I have no suggestions but I'd love to see what you do with this. You have done some beautiful quilts so I know you can tackle this one once you once you've pondered some ideas.
  19. Wow Charlotte, I love the design you came up with. I bet your customer was sooooo happy. Beautiful!!!
  20. I can see why you won. Your quilting is stunning! Congratulations!
  21. Enjoy Oma! I'm sure you will be pleased. It is quite an investment but it's sure easier on the shoulders. I've never been sorry I upgraded. I wish there was something we could do with the "leftover" parts, but for now they're stored in our machine shed. I tried to sell my M&M wheels on this site but no takers. They are barely used. Hopefully you'll have better luck. Get some rest so you can quilt tomorrow!!
  22. This is a beauty! Gosh, just love all of the quilting detail you did. Congratulations on the well-deserved award! I keep looking at the pictures over and over again. My husband was wondering why I kept saying WOW!, then I showed him the pictures. Same response from him!
  23. You're a trooper Oma! Glad your results were good and that is behind you (no pun intended). Congrats on your Bliss! You are soooooo going to enjoy it.
  24. Absolutely love the pictures Valerie! What a great family you have. And now you're working on the baby's room. Do you ever sleep??? I've obviously jumped off the "get'r done" wagon because I've never had kids and still can't get half the things done that I see many of you on this forum accomplish. But, I'm OK with it!
  25. You truly have a gift. I never met a "Valerie quilt" I didn't like. I don't know how you get such detailed quilts done so fast. I would have had this on the frame for weeks, months, maybe years!