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  1. What's the progress, would love to see pictures!
  2. Thanks so much for letting me try out your machine! Congrats on selling it!
  3. A friend of mine who blogs did a test and posted pictures, regarding this very topic, you may want to check it out... "The Great Frixion Pen Experiment" @ bloglovin look for Remember a Your Karma Blog by Kelly Wood
  4. Read through all these comments, I'm sorry to hear about your problems. So many people are dealing with so many problems - our family is no different, we too are economizing and trying to figure out ways to produce more income. I definitely recommend that you ask for "patient assistance" through drug companies that make your meds, some may not be able to help if you are on Medicare. Definitely follow up on any calls that you place and document who you talked to, date, time, and what was discussed and/or promised, ask if they have documented this on you account, if they don't call back in the time frame they promise, call back and start repeating names and promised action and ask about status of these promised actions. True it may take them longer than promised to get done, but don't give up, be as pleasant as possible and if not getting somewhere, ask for a supervisor. (You might say, "it's seems that you are unable to do anything further to help me and I appreciate your help, is there someone else who can help me, like a supervisor?"). You may spent a lot of time on the phone, but it's worth it to get help or correct problems. Just happened to me yesterday, took 45 mins on phone, but problem resolved and saved me $$$$ ! Glad to hear you are feeling better, those steroids are really rough to take, especially at your doses! (I'm in the medical field, so I can sympathize with what you are talking about) Hugs & well wishes
  5. My husband I still need to discuss further, but quite interested, just figuring out if we can afford at this particular time, I want really want to start quilting not only for myself at home (have used LQS's long arm rental which is a Babylock) but also as a side business to my current employment. Wouldn't be able to upgrade to stitch regulator for quite awhile. I will call when I have a better plan how to finance this purchase...wish I had a $$$ tree in back yard,(LOL) I really am leaning toward this since it would be the least financial risk compared to other machines. I think trying out would help also, but don't want to waste your time until I'm more confident on financials. My thanks so much for the info and all the other input from others on the forum, the comments have been VERY helpful One additional question I just thought of, does this have a ruler base? Was that an option available on this machine?
  6. Does anyone know if a stitch regulator could be added to this machine and how much it might cost (ballpark figure)? Frame looks quite worn and possible rust, can that easily be refinished with some Krylon spray paint? Are new handle covers still available to replace the duct tape? Need some input before considering, I am in NC, first machine on this forum pretty close to me
  7. Is this still available? How much on stitch counter? Can you send or post pic? I'm in NC where in TN are you?
  8. As a non long armer, but as a quilter...maybe consider also the fact that giraffes have the most incredible eyelashes!!! (What about adding some "eyelash" yarn stitched down by the eyes. I have also see holographic black thread, would you be able to use that on your machine instead? Just an idea... Don't forget to post pics when it's done, would love to see it.
  9. Very nice, unfortunately can't think about anything like this until at least next year Looks great would be interested if I had the $$$
  10. Oh, sorry, one more question, how high is measurement from floor to top of light bar, I would be putting in a basement room with differing ceiling heights
  11. What made you decide to go with an APQS vs a larger Gammill? I personally think I want an APQS over a Gammill, but those with a budget can't always be that picky...I'm located in Winston Salem NC. where in northern VA are you located? Thanks.