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  1. I need advice/pictures on how to quilt a Farmer's Wife quilt. I've done several custom sampler quilts before but this one needs to be even more 'fancy custom' than the usual, if that makes sense. I can look up each block on line and find lots of ways to make the block but not much help in how to quilt them so any suggestions would be a great help! I have the book and can see the quilting(barely) in some of the pictures but not enough. I'm going nuts trying to design each individual block! Thanks a bunch! Tori
  2. Hello All; Do you use a tool for making continuous curves? I feel like I need one but don't know what works. I have the Mini-Arc tool from Ronda's Rulers but is that the best? TIA, Tori
  3. Thank you, Linda, I'll get some silicome spray. Is that something I would get at a Home Depot-like place? I am using a wool batting so how do I adjust the hopping foot? Make it lower?
  4. Any advice would be welcome, even though I feel like I have tried everything! The stitch skipping only happens on batik quilts -- never ever on anything else. I feel like it may be time to totally stop taking them. I am using So Fine thread in the bobbin and Superior King Tut in the top. I have changed the needle, the needle size, oiled everything, re-threaded everything, tightened, loosened, etc. etc. etc. Now it's 1/4 of the way done, it's King Size! and it's just starin' me down daring me to finish it! Arrrghhh!!! Thank you everyone for your advice. Tori
  5. Madelyn, I think it can happen from headphones or ear buds as well if they are turned up too loud, so be careful. The first symptom was hearing a very small "whooshing" sound way back in the background only when everything else was perfectly quiet, then it got worse and worse. I'm going to pick up a homeopathic remedy called "Quietus" today and start taking it. Hope it helps!
  6. Well quilting friends, I have developed Tinnitus, which is damage to the inner ears from prolonged exposure to loud noises causing ringing, pain, and even hearing loss. People usually get it who work with loud engines or from shooting guns, etc. The only loud thing I ever do is quilt so I'm assuming that's what has caused it. It's been 6 years of quilting almost every day -- that's a lot of noise, I guess!! I'm just sending out a warning to others to consider wearing ear protection when you quilt. It can't hurt, and it may prevent this from happening to you. I will be doing it now fo
  7. I have been given 7 darling Halloween wall hangings by one of my good customers. The center is a printed panel with a witch train, blowing trees, pumpkins, bats, etc. The border is pumpkins and various spooky stuff. My question is: can I quilt different motifs (leaves, for example) over the top of printed fabric or would they compete too much with the pictures on the fabric? Should I only quilt around the pictures then add simple little things in between? Is there any "rule" on this? Since I have 7 of them I need to be creative and not do them all the same so I kind of need more free
  8. I had nothing but problems with Titanium needles. Couldn't make them work for anything! It made me crazy. Finally got to the bottom of the problem when I was talking to Dawn about it. She said that some APQS machines can use the Titanium and some just can't. APQS doesn't really recommend them and doesn't use them at the factory at all. The Groz-Beckert steel needles are still ok. She gave me lots of other reasons they are not recommended -- it was a huge education for me. Talk to her about it, I'm sure I can't explain it all exactly. I know Superior Threads loves Titanium and push
  9. I think my bobbin winder and my machine are supposed to be able to run at the same time, right? And yet, if I try that it just won't work. The bobbin keeps winding, but the machine has fits so I have to wait until the bobbin is done. Anything I can do?
  10. I think you should pile all your quilts into a big pile on the (clean) floor and jump into them and swim around. Enjoy all the beauty and let the fabric soothe you and feel it's love -- then you'll just know the one that wants to be quilted first and you can start playing with it. Have a good laugh and a good cry while you're swimming around in them and feel better! ha ha!! IMHO ;-)
  11. Thanks both of you for your help. You got my creative juices going. I got the whole thing stabilized tonight so I can finish tomorrow. Now I can post pictures so I'll show you when it's done.
  12. Did it! Learned all about resizing, hosting, and uploading. Made myself an Avatar too! Woot!
  13. I'm trying to upload the photo. I can do the browsing part and choose it from my computer but then somehow it is not attached to the reply. I'll keep trying.
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