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  1. I love my Kindle Fire HD...........I haven't tried the audible yet, but I do download and read a lot. There are lots of free or really inexpensive books out there, too.
  2. I commend you for looking down the road and trying to make things easier for the one who is left. Many times my DH will say.........."if something happens to me, call............he will know what to do with my stuff" and I have in turn told him the same thing. It will still be hard to do and I hope we will realize at some point that we need to deal with these things ourselves. I don't want to dump it all on my kids either. Good luck to you both...............
  3. I've heard horror stories about Windows 8 ! I went with an Apple just to avoid the Windows 8, as a couple friends were having fits with theirs. There was absolutely nothing wrong with Windows 7. I hate when they decide to "new and improve" things and make them worse.
  4. Not much today as far as quilting............I made DH a Black Rasberry pie and trying a new recipe for mini chicken pot pies....Bisquick recipe made in muffin tins.......doing this between snifflling and sneezing with the spring allergies that cropped up all of a sudden. We have some rain today, so that helps. I have a Triple Irish Chain on the frame that I started working on a couple days ago..........hope to get back to that by tomorrow.
  5. Always glad to see posts after a problem has been solved so the rest of us know what to watch for! Thanks !
  6. I have a SIL who doesn't think it is a "real" quilt unless it is hand quilted............ By the way, she has NEVER made or finished an entire quilt herself.......... :>)
  7. I was lost at "Fibonacci Sequence" !!! I'll have to look that up ..............
  8. Whew! When you said Bliss upgrade leftovers, I had visions of nuts and bolts that didn't get put on somewhere and should have been. haha Glad the leftovers were put to good use. Great idea !
  9. I don't have that many other cords, but that's how I did mine too. My machine seemed to be moving very sluggish the other day and I thought something was caught,,,,,,,,,,,,,instead I checked the wheels and cleaned all the gunk out of the tracks and wiped my rails down. Now the machine nearly flies off the table ! haha I had no idea they were that bad, as I try to clean them regularly. Evidently it had been longer than I thought. After I finished the quilt I was working on, I gave the machine a thorough WD40 cleaning and oiling. Again, shocked at the amount of lint under the needle plate !
  10. If she didn't bring the quilt herself and talk to you personally, I don't see that she has anything to complain about. The friend approved it, so the issue should be with her friend, not you. Next to IMPOSSIBLE to use contrasting threads and not have one of them show through like a pokey.
  11. I don't mind using sheets and have used them from time to time. I always wash a new sheet..........depends on how big it is whether I remove the hems. If the sheet is pretty "square", that top hem gives a nice edge to pin to..........just have to remember to place the batting and top down far enough that you don't include that wide hem in your quilting. Trim it all off after.
  12. I've only entered a couple contests, but those rules state that a quilt will not be accepted if it smells. We had a lady in our group years ago who smoked...........she did beautiful work, but when she would bring something for Show & Tell, the order was terrible.......too bad.
  13. R & S Designs has a large selection of the boards that work with the Quiltazoid. You can also use just the boards at the back of the machine like a panto. You need a stylus....also available from R & S for various machines. 2 or more boards of the same design can attach to each other for a continuous pattern across your quilt. I don't like working from the back of the machine, so I use the Quiltazoid from the front most of the time. Easy set up and use. I would ask the seller if she has the directions to use each of the boards she has listed. Some of those have a "pattern" of where to start and stop, etc. Easy once you do one, but without the instructions, it could be tricky ! The price she is quoting sounds reasonable when you break down the cost of each component.
  14. That is soooooo pretty !!! Your quilting is gorgeous and I envy all your wonderful creative ideas.
  15. That fusible batting tape really works great for piecing smaller pieces into larger ones. I've used it right on the quilting frame as I go along...........adding pieces as needed. It's not stiff at the seam either.
  16. We got to visit the Tax Man today ! Wheeeee.............it wasn't too painful............would rather have been home quilting, but now it's done until next year.
  17. Larger pieces are pieced together for charity quilts..........a friend uses the scrapps to stuff pillows........
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