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    GrandmaLKB got a reaction from Another Midnight Quilter in Using Red Snappers for Side Clamps   
    I bought the Grip Lite clamps, too. Soooooo much easier to use and they hold a longer bite of fabric, so it stays more even. I never did like the clamps that came with my Millie. Too hard to squeeze open - especially left handed. The Grip Lite are lightweight too, so they don't pull down on the edge of the quilt.
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    GrandmaLKB got a reaction from Tanveyter in Uses for LeftOver Batting and Thread Spools   
    Larger pieces are pieced together for charity quilts..........a friend uses the scrapps to stuff pillows........
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    GrandmaLKB got a reaction from Sweetiepie2 in Star & Points Spinning on a Square   
    Very nice work !    Great idea on using the prairie points in the middle.    Love your feathers, too.
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    GrandmaLKB got a reaction from Beachside Quilter in Bliss upgrade leftovers   
    Whew!   When you said Bliss upgrade leftovers, I had visions of nuts and bolts that didn't get put on somewhere and should have been.   haha    Glad the leftovers were put to good use.  Great idea !   
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    GrandmaLKB reacted to JenniferBernard in MQS Pictures of Triple Ribbons   
    I finally figured out I had to delete some pictures from my settings. So are some new ones. They are sideways, maybe but they are there, I hope!
    MQS now emails you that you have won something at the show. It could be an Honorable mention or Best of Show but they don't say what or how many ribbons. I am happy just to get the email and think yeah 1 ribbon!
    So....awards ceremony, I have 3 entries. challenge Hollyhock Doll Picnic 1st place out of 12.

    Next category Wearables, 5 entries including Brigit S who I really admire! My Goose jacket, 1st place!!
    I figure I am done for my last quilt, Modern Migration. BUT there are only 3 quilts in the category and 2 ribbons. I am stunned to win 2nd place!
    My entries arrived home today and I have never gotten such high marks from the judges at this show before. I am still walking on air! and deposited a check for $1,000! Just WOW!
    I taught 1 class on how to enter, make, and improve competition garments. My students were amazing and enthusiastic. I just had fun teaching and sharing my garments from the worst to the best. MQS WAS GREAT!
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    GrandmaLKB reacted to dlnewell in Fantastic Wednesday   
    Did you ever have one of those quilts for which you just kept quilting and quilting and quilting...... I finally finished up 2.  Please pardon the few threads that have not been knotted and buried.  I'm going to let the customer finish that.
    My business name is Forever Designing.  I hope this link to flickr works.  I'm not too computer savvy.  I guess under my sets, Brenda's leaf quilt and Brenda's heart quilt.
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    GrandmaLKB reacted to Ann Wight in Vintage Blocks saved, edited to add 2nd quilt   
    I acquired a large amount of fabric and vintage blocks from a friend a few years ago.  It was found in tubs when they cleaned out her sisters mother-in-law's house after her death.  None of this lady's children wanted anything to do with this fabric.  So this friend called me and the rest is history.  This lady had 3 young grandchildren who lived close and helped her a lot and were close to their grandmother.  Two of these grandkids are getting married this spring, and I am making them quilts from their grandmother's blocks.  Whew...I had to set the stage for this quilt....
    Here is the first quilt for a granddaughter.  All the fabric except the yellow was from her stash.  I cut the teal green/blue sashing and border from a 12 yard length of 36" fabric.
    I found 12 matching blocks and used a few other orphan blocks on the back.  I don't do scrappy well, so I had to control the blocks on the front with sashing.  I love how it turned out.
    Some housekeeping: Hobbs 80/20 batting, So Fine thread by superior color-Grizzly Bear. Freehand quilting.
    The details of the second quilt (browns) can be found on my blog:

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    GrandmaLKB reacted to yankiequilter in Grandson's graduation quilt - pictures   
    Our grandson will graduate from high school in June and when I asked him what colors he would like if I made a quilt for him he told me turquoise and black, their school colors.  Their school mascot is Hurricane and I wanted to make a quilt that represented one.  After looking for a very long time I decided there were no patterns that looked like a hurricane and I chose Judy Martin's pattern, Shenandoah log cabin.   Quilted with Glide on top and Magna Glide bobbins with Hobbs Polydown batting.  The panto is Infinity by Patricia Ritter and I used the Quilt Path swirl on the border.  Finished today, almost two months early.    Thanks for looking.

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    GrandmaLKB reacted to ffq-lar in Big one just finished   
    Here's a link to pics of a big quilt with an intricate print stripe border. The Irish Chain-style center with pale green plain blocks kept me thinking. I didn't want the quilting in the plain blocks to compete with the border, so I needed something simpler and soothing so the eye could have a resting spot. Normally I'd quilt feathers or scrollwork to fill the pale blocks. I left them until last and played a bit to come up with the design I used. Marked with a circle template and the corner swirls were added freehand. It's continuous! Faster to stitch than to mark. I'll save this one to use again. I like that the center is repetitious and rather calm. Thanks for looking. Arrow right for details.
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    GrandmaLKB reacted to ffq-lar in Tiny Dresden Plate wallhanging   
    Click on the Flickr link to see a cute Dresden Plate wallhanging. It's 36" square and the centers are doilies. Fairly simple quilting on the plates and a pebbles and swirls treatment for the white background. Click the left arrow to see a detail shot. Thanks for looking!
    BottomLine and So Fine threads, W&W batting, and about three hours of work. 
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    GrandmaLKB reacted to dancing bear in Remember the I Spy block exchange?   
    I finally got mine finished except for hand-stitching down the binding.  I used the Animal Crackers panto design on this.   Thanks, Mary, for making the block exchange possible!

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    GrandmaLKB reacted to Quilting Heidi in The Last Quilt   
    Hugs to you Kay for making a very hard decision.  I've often thought about this and I know first hand how hard it is to deal with going through someone's belongs.  Hang in there and may your retirement be exactly what you want it to be.
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    GrandmaLKB reacted to shirleyl in audio books   
    I use Audible on my iPod . But I have a monthly thing and I buy them. I listen to it while quilting and driving with a speaker. I read different books on my Kindle 3G . My friend has a Kindle fire and reads on it as well as listens to her books while quilting, going back and forth. You can get a lot of free books. You just enable text to spearhead I believe. The difference is Audible books are professionally narrated. I have listened to her Kindle reading and I would try it. You should be able to try it at the store. I know our library has a checkout for books on kindle and nook. Most libraries are linked together. So if you get a kindle you can download free ones from Amazon or check some out from the library. So it would just be your initial cost. There are a few email groups I subscribe to that send me listings of free books currently available. I do download then to read.
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    GrandmaLKB got a reaction from chickenscratch in Painted Desert   
    I've heard horror stories about Windows 8 !    I went with an Apple just to avoid the Windows 8, as a couple friends were having fits with theirs.     There was absolutely nothing wrong with Windows 7.   I hate when they decide to "new and improve" things and make them worse.
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    GrandmaLKB got a reaction from chickenscratch in Machine vs hand quilting value in the future   
    I have a SIL who doesn't think it is a "real" quilt unless it is hand quilted............    By the way, she has NEVER made or finished an entire quilt herself..........  :>)
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    GrandmaLKB reacted to cmkeindl1 in What ya working on today?   
    I just finished these 2 baby quilts

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    GrandmaLKB reacted to maggienoella in What ya working on today?   
    Don't get discouraged, Teresa. One of the clients I did a queen size for said she didn't have the money to plunk down every time she needed something quilted. I told DH & he said well then let her plunk down $20,000 on a machine & see how she likes that price. She just became a repeat client.
    Remember, people afford what they WANT to afford. No more, no less. We all do.
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    GrandmaLKB reacted to JustSewSimple in New Interchangeable feet   
    I have often thought (I know this is a surprise to most of you) of inventing a Stitch-in-the-ditch foot.  How hard can it be to fit a piece of plastic around the hopping foot with a little "blade" on it that trails along the seamline and the needle follows like on the domestic machine.  Just stick the thing on there and run it down the seam, you could still use the ruler if you are joined with it at the hip.  And....while I am on the subject....I want one that does not cost me more than an entire day of quilting!  Just snap the thing over the hopping foot and not replace anything (cause you know I can't do that!)
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    GrandmaLKB reacted to Quilting Heidi in New Interchangeable feet   
    My thoughts would be to build a "blade" that would snap on the foot tight enough to not pop off but loose enough to be able to rotate it around as needed.  
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    GrandmaLKB reacted to delld in New Interchangeable feet   
    How about some fairy dust to sprinkle on the quilt to straighten all those seams and guide our hands so very straight too! Just sayin!!!!        A girl can wish!
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    GrandmaLKB reacted to JustSewSimple in Machine vs hand quilting value in the future   
    Hand quilting?  Are you kidding me?  That is why Elas Howe invented the sewing machine in 1853; I mean, you could sew on a machine even if you didn't have electricity yet!  He too knew sewing by hand was for folks who didn't have anything else to do!!!!!  I've got to get-er-done and move on, people!
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    GrandmaLKB got a reaction from cmkeindl1 in Machine vs hand quilting value in the future   
    I have a SIL who doesn't think it is a "real" quilt unless it is hand quilted............    By the way, she has NEVER made or finished an entire quilt herself..........  :>)
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    GrandmaLKB reacted to pmuntz in Fibonacci Sequence for feathers   
    It makes my head hurt just looking at the word, let alone trying to pronounce it!
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    GrandmaLKB got a reaction from dbams in Machine vs hand quilting value in the future   
    I have a SIL who doesn't think it is a "real" quilt unless it is hand quilted............    By the way, she has NEVER made or finished an entire quilt herself..........  :>)
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    GrandmaLKB reacted to yankiequilter in Fibonacci Sequence for feathers   
    Sylvia, Sunday is a day of rest and I am not going to make my brain work hard enough to understand this today!
    I really want to hear you say 'Fibonacci' in Southern.  
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