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  1. Hello!!! I'm very new to longarming and am just getting ready to longarm a king-sized quilt for my husband's cousin. She would like a minky backing. I have read on the forum that I should for sure used a thin layer of batting to give the quilt body, and I will do just that. The problem is of course that the minky is not wide enough. It is 60 inches wide, with the stretch going up and down. My thought was that if I had 2 large pieces...that were 60 inches wide each...I could sew the at the selvages and have it then wide enough for my quilt. (The quilt top is 107 inches wide and 109 inches long). If I cut this huge piece of minky that I have and sew the 2 pieces together on the selvages in the middle of the pieces it should end up being 120 inches wide by about 120 inches long. Is this going to cause issues when I longarm it? Will the middle seam that I make in the minky hold or will it be impossible to even achieve? Will it be too heavy? Should I change gears? Thanks so much for your help!
  2. Hello Libby! What a beautiful job on your quilt! Absolutely stunning! Would you share with me where you purchased the pattern? I would love to make this quilt! Thank you so much! Coral
  3. I LOVE the name Lola!! Don't worry - you haven't jinxed yourself! We would never let that happen! What in the world is a TOWA guage? (THAT is how new to this I am!!)
  4. Thanks Nigel! I viewed the video and learned a lot. I will certainly look into these.
  5. Thanks sewingpup! A few things since my post last night.....I chatted with Mr. Fixit (my husband) at lunch today about the channel lock trouble I was having, and he said "well - let's go have a look." It turns out that during set up we had not connected the cable for the side to side channel lock.....just like you said!! We did that and immediately the channel locked started working! However, it was certainly not as tight as the up and down channel lock. I called tech support and they shared a tip with me about adding a small metal washer underneath the encoder to help tighten things up. Yay tech support!!! While tech support had me on hold there on my desk sat the 2 cds that came with my Millie and low and behold....there were the manuals and maintenance guide that I had been asking about.....just like you said!! I am usually better organized than I probably sound!! I too am quite intimidated by Millie - maybe not so much by Millie herself - but by the jackpots I know I'm going to get myself into! My dealer is 2.5 hours away, and I always feel better quilting there because whenever I get into a jackpot there is always someone there to help me out!! Love Bradie and Matt at Sparrow Studioz in Edmonton, Alberta!! Love the nine inch neck wanna-be comment!! I am so glad you are loving Lucey <3
  6. Hello!!!! From one newbie to another - it is nice to know we are in this together!! My Millenium arrived on Halloween and due to time constraints we waited a week before setup. I got it threaded this evening and finally got it running! Whew!! Tomorrow I need to sew channels into my leaders for the doweling so I can use the leader grips. I was disappointed that my leaders did not come with channels for the doweling to slip into. Have you done this? Are you going to do this? When I say I'm a newbie - I mean it in the truest sense of the word!!! I'm very, very green!!! I thought sewing the channels for the doweling would be fairly simply with the Millenium because it has channel locks - but my side to side channel lock does not seem to be working The up and down channel lock works great! I can hear it click whenever I engage or disengage the up and down channel lock and the light comes on the control panel as well but when I engage the side to side channel lock the light does come on but it does not engage/disengage and clearly does not work. I'm not too sure what to do about this. Any advice out there? Also, is there a service manual that tells us how to maintain our machines? I did not get one with my machine. I am wondering also about the air compressor. I will certainly start out with a can of air, but I sure am wondering what type of compressor to get? What type do you all have? How big are these things? I sure appreciate all of your help and support I look forward to a great relationship with my Millie and with all of you! I've got so much to learn!!! Thanks so much! Coral
  7. Thank you all so much for all of the information on this thread! I am very interested in purchasing a LA machine and have been researching since July. Ten days ago my husband and I went to an APQS Roadshow in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (about 2 hours south of where I live). I was so glad we went and so was he!!! We both learned so much!! Even before we went my research was always leading to APQS, and I dream of a Millie!!! Just dreams for now as it is probably a few years yet in my future but I'm here soaking up all the wisdom you ladies have to offer!!! So glad to be a part of your group!! Good luck and congratulations, Tami!!! I wish you many fun and happy hours with your new machine! Coral