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  1. Once you have verified that the needle is in correctly, check the thread path. In one photo it looks like the thread may be behind the screw that holds the pigtail. It is possible to break a needle and not experience thread breaks due to a burr. There certainly may be a burr causing this but look at the simple solutions first. Unthread and rethread using the machines manual as a guide. Its easy to overlook a simple misguided thread path.
  2. Buyer from Ohio has not followed through so my Millie is still available. She has been well maintained and quilts beautifully. Blissed!
  3. Thank you to those who have contacted me. This great machine is still available!
  4. I am selling my 2008 Millie on a blissed 12 foot frame for $10,000.00 I love this machine but I must make room for the newest models at my APQS Store in Hendersonville NC. This machine is set up and ready for you to demo. The light system and Intelliquilter are not included in purchase price listed. Stitch regulated with 26 inch throat Thread Cutter L Bobbin Electronic Vertical and Horizontal Channel Locks Stand alone Turbo Winder Laser light LED light with black light switch Motorized Fabric advance Zippered leaders Start up supply of thread and bobbins Rulermate expanded base New owners class at my studio included Please contact me by email at SKQuilts@gmail.com I have all the original boxes and shipping may be arranged.
  5. Hi Carmen, While your sewing area is packed away, you can come play at my Studio in Hendersonville! Happy New Year!
  6. The only mistake I see is that you forgot to ask for my address to send it to! LOVE it!
  7. Beautiful quilt, beautiful story and you are indeed a beautiful person!
  8. I had a customer who wanted to work on a quilt for her husband. So, she helped me load the quilt, we basted it and she took it home and completed the SID on her domestic machine. I told her that it was an experiment and I could not promise the outcome. I turned out great! I finished the background quilting and we were both pleased. I would not do this with just any customer... I would do it on my own quilt in a heartbeat! No, I really wouldn't because I enjoy SID with the bliss rails. The point is that it worked. I would like to encourage you to do SID on the longarm but perhaps this isn't the one to start with. When you are ready it will be awesome and you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner. That particular customer will be an APQS owner one day. I can just tell!
  9. Have you called APQS for assistance? That's what I would recommend.
  10. Hi Shirley, Please share where you found the ruler...l have searched and cannot find it anywhere. Thanks
  11. Hi Norah, I recently renewed my insurance and asked for replacement value. Hope this helps. Sheridan
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