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  1. Teri, Yep! IQ will work on a 2004 Mille. It works on most every machine out there including all APQS machines new and old. -Angela Thanks! Good to know!
  2. Hi, Great video, will the IQ work on a 2004 Millie? Thanks, Teri
  3. Hi, Great video, will the IQ work on a 2004 Millie? Thanks, Teri
  4. I throw all of mine in a box and put it out for the birds to use in nests... They'll empty that box in no time in the spring otherwise they collect on the floor and in the vacuum. Teri
  5. I had the same problem, not enough washers... Keep in mind if you add washers your bolts will need to be a little longer (that was my second trip to town).. Still not happy with them but dealing with it. My old brown ones were so much smoother.
  6. Well it's been a full month and I am finally up and running.... Yes I had to send my customer quilts out to a G-brand quilter, however customers are happy and I am getting closer to a better situation. WOW. Timing and a burr kicked my tukas.. I fianlly got to run one quilt tonight still breaking thread but it is better than nothing.. and they are not skipping... I'll spend the weekend nit picking the problems... Thanks for all of your suggestions! Teresa
  7. Whooooowhooooo, We have success! Tightened the bobbin case, snugged up the top tension, put a humidifer in the studio and shut the door! 12 hours later I finished a row, without a burp! Now can I repeat the process? I am saying YES! Ladies you are truely a wealth of knowlegde and I am sending hugs to all of you! Thank you so very much! OH HAPPY DANCE! Teri
  8. LOL; as a previous "G" owner I would have offered my condolences and moved on, that usually quiets even the mean ones! If not the "wow - sucks to be you" phrase always works! I am grateful for my Millie everyday (yes even on bad thread days).. Teri
  9. ahhhh, Thanks everyone! I have tried all offered options and even got out "the book" and walked through everything I could have missed. Looks like I'll be calling Lisa L. our local APQS rep tomorrow.. I pulled the thread out, swapped out the needle again and timed the machine (everything checked out) re-wound all my bobbins, tried another color of KT thread, moved to the cone holder, checked for burrs and gave the shuttle a little rub for good measure.... well on the upside I have not broken a thread but I am skipping stitches now like a mad woman, not one here and there but 1/2" lengths
  10. So for the last several ( and I am talking way too many) weeks I have fought my machine on two different quilts. Maybe you folks can think of something I have missed, before I snap. Current set up is: King tut top and bottom, (customer request) on a spool, on the horizontal thread holder, bobbin tension is sweet, new needle slightly to the left, hopping foot adjusted, verified table is level, encoders are doing there thing and are nice and clean, shuttle is nice and clean and yet I cannot go three inches without snapping a thread or skipping a stitch, top thread drags a little but it does n
  11. Hi, I do about 12 a week and I always use a monopoly on the top and match the back... If they are stabilized well you'll fly thru them, I use theme related panto's. Teresa
  12. I feel better with all of your input... I charged the customer $130.00 and fell within all of the pricing input from you folks... Thanks for your suggestions,
  13. I am so baffled, I thought I had done a pretty good price study of the machine quilters in my area and trust me there is not that many? I live in a ?your not a quilter unless you do it by hand? area. However when I complete a quilt and hand them there invoices they all turn and look at me like there is something wrong, and today took the cake. I completed a LQS sample and when I returned it to the shop owner she told me I should not discount so much. I didn?t discount the quilt! I charged her what I charge everyone?. Kicker is the other three I delivered told me the same thing, oh and I turn
  14. I have loaded up the senior center and local charity groups.. for the most part I piece anything wider than >18" but those little ones (6" wide) are so useful around the house... Same with all of the T-shirt backs and pieces I don't use when making t-shirt quilts, I give them to the local garages.. I have literally bags each week. I didn't want anyone to think I did not find good homes for as much as I can.. Happy Holidays
  15. The stuff is everywhere and I hate to throw it out... I know someone has already discovered this, but right now I am thinking I am pretty clever so I am sharing! I've been taking all of my 12" wide batt (you know those end and odd pieces) and slicing them into rectangles to fit on my floor swiffer... works great! And gets rid of the stash of batt... Ok I have to go back, get the rake (yes the leaf rake) works great for threads and start my year end studio cleaning process... I'm not looking forward to it but I look forward to the reward.. Two weeks of organization whhoooowow! Teresa
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