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  1. Oh Penny! How beautiful! I love big block quilts. Can't wait to see it quilted. Where do you find the time?
  2. For those of you newbies (and some more experienced) quilters, Myrna's Fill ER UP DVD is fantastic. I watched it on Saturday and was impressed with the video. Her instructions are fantastic and it's always nice to watch her quilt. It answered alot of my questions on "how do I do that and what do I fill this space with". If you don't have this DVD you need it. I highly recommend......Thanks Myrna for another wonderful DVD.:cool:
  3. Hi Myrna! I just ordered your DVD. Can't wait to watch it!
  4. Linda - What a simple quilt and it's beautiful. Your quilting really makes the quilt! I'm saving this to my favorites for future reference.
  5. Hi Myrna - I need another DVD of yours to add to my collection. Looking forward to it!
  6. I had a similar issue last night. I'm on the last row of a yellow brick road quilt and have had perfect tension through out the entire quilt. I'm quilting the enchanted garden template on the longboard attachment from the front of the machine and what a bugger it was. The flower disks are kind of loose so I had to tape them all down. The board would have probably worked better on the back of the machine laying on a sturdy flat surface (only because of the disks that you insert for the flowers). the last row I'm getting loops on the top and a flat line of bobbin thread on the back. After ripping out a few flowers and leaves I took the bobbin case out, re-oiled everything, tightened up the top tension a little and noticed that my thread wound out of the three hole disk in the last hole the opposite way (ie. not over the top of the three hole disk). Fixed that and everything was ok.
  7. Linda - I have the M&M wheels and they are great, however I can't imagine how the other wheels everyone is using work because I never had them. I'm drooling over the Bliss now and tried it at MXQ and can't wait till I can afford to replace my machine with it! That will be such a sweet set up! I totally agree with the Magna Glide thread and pre-wound bobbins. Whenever I put a quilt on my frame I go to my thread box to pick thread and I always choose the Magna Glide because I know I'm not going to have any tension problems. Especaially when I'm in a rush to get a quilt done!
  8. Heidi - I love your wall hanging. The background is fantastic and really makes it look wonderful. I love the rope border. I bought the 3" ruler and can't wait to try it out! Beautiful job!
  9. Kay - What a beautiful quilt! Such an easy design to piece but your quilting really makes it outstanding.....Needless to say "I want that quilt!". This is in my favorites now!
  10. Beautiful job! Love the quilting and the center design you did with the cross hatch......Don't ya just love the quiltazoid! I have the econozoid with the long board adapter but need to get the rest of the quiltazoid for all the spiro designs! Looks like you've been having some fun!!!
  11. Angie - What a beautiful the colors and your quilting is wonderful. Love all the feathers! This is going into my favorites!
  12. Myrna - your feathers are beautiful! I was hoping you would be at MXQ this year so I could actually meet you in person. Wish you were closer to take a class with! I need help with feathers - of course I tried the new bliss table at MQX and it is awsome! My feathers were perfect....could this be an excuse to get the table???? I think it might. Maybe Santa will bring it this Christmas!
  13. Congratulations Libby! I went to the show on Friday and saw your beautiful quilt in person! Fantastic job! You should be very proud!
  14. Congratulations to Dawn and everyone who won! I'm going to MQX tomorrow to look at all the quilts....and shop of course! Charging my batteries in my camera now to take photos of all the beautiful quilts!
  15. Linda - What a beautiful quilt. I love black and white. Your quilting is beautiful too! Great job.