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  1. Can anyone identify this quilting pattern or is it custom/freehand? Thanks-
  2. My dh made one using a piece of plywood for the base, drilled a hole to accommodate a wooden dowel to hold the thread and used a coat hanger which he bent to make a loop for the thread. Works great and didn't cost anything.
  3. I've made a stained glass window and two inserts for a cabinet door. Hadn't thought of making a quilt.
  4. I would give that one back. I prefer working with t-shirts that are 100% cotton and using a woven stabilizer. I have found that the dry fit t-shirts don't work very well either. As stated by InezR, sew slowly over the designs. I like t-shirt quilts that have a little fabric around the blocks, not just blocks of t-shirts to add contrast and interest. A friend of mine used a "water" fabric as the base for her daughters water skiing t-shirts. Adorable! Here's one of mine:
  5. David-I bet MaryBeth really, really, really wants it this time too.
  6. How thoughtful of Roland, Rita sure got lucky when she found him. Betsy-it was you who got it done and any accolades are all yours. Nice job!
  7. Thanks for your help and advice. The request was to use black since that is part of their corporate colors. I looked at the EQ printable and it had the same problem as Printed Treasures- it is not a true white. I found a 08 micron pigma pen and gave it a shot, thanks Neher-in-law5 and Lisa C. That looked good and after washing, it still looked good. I also took a crack at what Cagey recommended. I took a larger piece of fabric, anchored it to the freezer paper, and then taped the corners to a piece of foam core. (Freezer paper was rolling up.) I used a blue erasable and drew lines giving each a 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" area to use, (but you and I know it will actually be 2" x 4") and added additional space between to accommodate the 1/4" seams. Everyone will be told to "stay inside the lines" and I have several helpers who will be watching. I've made each sheet to accommodate 20 signatures/sentiments. My thought was that if I had all those small pieces, I was sure to drop one and loose it. Tomorrow it's off to the art store for a dozen pens and more foam core. Thanks to all of you, I have a plan.
  8. I have been asked to create a quilt using signature blocks from an event where each will be signed with a special note and name. To keep the messages short and sweet, I am using 2" x 4" blocks of white kona cotton pressed onto a piece of freezer paper for stability. I tried a sharpie permanent marker (ultra fine point) and it ran a lot. I starched the fabric and tried again. It didn't run as much, but now I want to see what it looks like after washing. (All blocks will be signed with black ink.) I've heard horror stories about having a table cloth signed at a party and then once it is washed, the sentiments and signatures are gone. So my questions are: which pen do you use and is there a preferred fabric? Printed treasures is not an option-the fabric is not white. Should I use an RFD fabric?
  9. Rulers are getting so expensive. Have you seen the cost of those Bloc_loc rulers for flying geese? Anyway, when I watched a demo on the Stripology Squared Ruler, the ruler looked very similar to the "Square It Up" ruler I already had. Using the same techniques, I was able to use my existing ruler to achieve the same great results.
  10. I guess this means the Millie winner should be a math wiz. My entry today was 0 + 1. Luckily, I can handle that amount of math on one hand.
  11. The imagination and creativity in this quilt is amazing. Not only that, the quilting is spectacular. AWESOME!
  12. I've had a similar problem, so let me put this one out there. My quilt had two outer borders and I removed them still attached to each other. The middle of the quilt laid flat but the inner border, still attached to the outer border not only waved, but twisted. My fabric had been pre-washed and pressed with steam, not using any starch. Upon closer inspection of the "problem" fabric, I found the weave as "wondering" along with being looser in some areas, tighter in others. I decided to replace the offending fabric and that did the trick. The fabric came from a reputable manufacturer, I suppose it was just a bad bolt.
  13. WOW!!! I remember the last one you posted, you are talented.
  14. DH had a black ink gel stain on a white, dress shirt pocket. I sprayed it with "Greased Lightning", waited 15 minutes and threw it in the washer. Worked wonderfully. BTW-dispose of that pen.
  15. I also had rotator surgery a few years back on the right. Of course I'm right handed and also a computer draftsman. Switched the mouse to left handed and never looked back. Now my left functions just as well as my right. Quilting pals find it amusing that I can rotary cut both left and right handed. Before co-workers use my computer, they ask me to change it back to "normal." Gotta love 'em, no matter what their "normal" is.
  16. Mary Beth- Is your phone fully charged? Is the ringer turned on? Did you leave the phone in the car? Just making sure you are ready for that call........ My morning cup of Joe wasn't quite the same. Something was missing. My morning ritual has once again changed. Does APQS realize the effect they have on my life?
  17. My morning begins with a cup of coffee and then to the computer, mostly checking emails but then to APQS to register and read the forum. If there is not a contest going on, my morning ritual feels a little off. I miss it when it's not there and when it is, hoping with every entry that the next winner is going to be me.
  18. Has anyone got an update on how Rita is doing?
  19. You are not alone. We should start a club and have t-shirts made. Be warned: this will not be the last time you do it either.
  20. Betsy-you are my hero. If you ever need assistance with anything, please let me know.
  21. 36 blocks will be a 6 x 6 configuration. 42 blocks will be a 6 x 7 configuration, which at the moment leaves us short 3 blocks. Any more "expected in the mail?" If not, I can get 3 in the mail to you tomorrow. (Wishing David's block would arrive at it's destination.) I'm not a fan of square quilts, but if that's what we've got then go with it and put three on the back. JMHO-
  22. ......at least you haven't thrown anything at the TV. I'd hate for a perfectly good tv to get damaged. Go fill up the tub with warm water and your favorite bubble bath. I find a nice soaking bath makes my shoulder (had surgery a few years ago) feel better. Can we form a rescue party and go get that Millie?
  23. It must be a joy to open all those packages and "oogle" everyone's efforts. It's such a worthy cause and we owe you a great big THANK YOU for all your work. Can't wait to see the pictures.
  24. I went to the creative needle web site and purchased a different pattern. Thanks for the inspiration and information.
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