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  1. quinceandquilt

    Price to Charge for Making Custom Quilt

    So Nadia, based on your evaluation, what final number did you arrive at?
  2. quinceandquilt

    Price to Charge for Making Custom Quilt

    Wow thank you so much for explaining it like that. So I guess the only thing that would change is the $/sq. yd depending on the difficulty factor......so what would you suggest for a difficult level of 3/5 or 4/5? I think about $1000 is reasonable and about what I was thinking intuitively without an equation. I don't think 100 hrs is an unrealistic estimate--I know I spend a lot of time arranging and rearranging patterns and colors; everything I make is very bright and scrappy.....I don't think I'm a fast piecer either, kind of slow and steady like a diesel truck. ;o). I'm so grateful to get replies so fast! Cynthia
  3. Hi there: This is my first post. My long-armer suggested I ask this question here. I've been asked by someone to make them a quilt (or several) and I have no clue how much to charge. For the sake of discussion, let's assume the following: 1. finished quilt about 70" X 90" 2. difficulty level 2 out of 1-5 3. cost of materials say $200 4. what I will pay the longarmer say $150 (until I'm good enough to do it myself) 5. Labor? I'd say minimum 100 hours. How much do you think I should charge. Note that this person can pay any amount and is willing to pay any amount. I don't want to gouge him, but I'm not going to work for $1/hour either...... I'd love to hear some different opinions. Someone from Arkansas I know said she knows women who would do it for 500-600$, but I wouldn't do it for that price. Thanks, Cynthia