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  1. Hello again Tquilts4u. I did receive the deposit today. I fully expect them to be here on December 22nd (weather permitting) If for any reason the deal falls through, I will let you know. Good luck finding your machine of your dreams.
  2. I expected her deposit to arrive today, but it didn't. I will call her tomorrow if it is not here. She emailed me Wednesday that she was mailing it Thursday.... I will be back in touch you tomorrow and let you know what I found out. Thank you for your patience. I did not forget you.
  3. Hi tquilts4u! We're about 2 1/2 hours from Hgb. Pretty much straight up I 81 To Scranton and hang a right(east) about 30 more miles. I do have a verbal committment on the machine. We did not set up any of the specifics yet, and I have not received a deposit yet (This only took place this morning) I will honor my word to her and expect to have it confirmed by the end of this week or so. If for any reason the deal falls through, I will contact you via this forum again and let you know. As a matter of fact I will let you either way so you know where you stand. Thank you for your interest. It's a good deal for sure.
  4. Yes it has the 4 buttons on each handle: red green, yellow and blue.
  5. Yikes! Life is complicated and I sorry to say that the Millennium is going to have to go after all. I have reduced the price to $9.950.00. Please see original post for specifics.
  6. My situation has changed and I am not selling my Millennium after all. Thanks and good luck.
  7. I have someone coming to look at it next week. I will let you know how that goes. I promised her a first chance at it. Thanks for your interest and I'll be posting again
  8. Response to Guest _campingNow: Yes I have been using it for business - last year I did 51 quilts with it. (which was my highest of the 5 years) I am at a crossroad in my life. Probably will get another machine, but don't want to trade. Was recommended to sell it outright to get better deal. Yes, can pick it up. Response to Newbie: No it does not have bliss. it is on standard table upgraded to M&M wheels
  9. 2010 Millennium on 12' table with quilt glide, motorized feed, channel locks, thread cutter, stitch regulator as well as M&M wheels, horizontal spool holder, Hartley ruler base with rulers, new needle bar with interchangeable hopping feet kit, under camera (camera never used), assorted Super BOB's etc. Well maintained. Was serviced at factory in June. Asking $10,500.00. Have most boxes. Purchaser pays all shipping costs including any boxes needed. Machine is located in NE PA
  10. Got the answer to my problem. Just want to share with anyone who doesn't know that the magna glide bobbins from Fil Tek have a magnet in them to prevent backlash. You are supposed to remove the spring check? From the bobbin case before using them. ( the blue finger thing inside). It is written on the box if you buy a half gross. I bought the jar of 20. Not written on that....Amy Stuart enlightened me. No wonder my bobbin thread kept breaking!
  11. Thanks for the advice Rita. What kind of spray silicone do you use and where do you apply it? On the fabric itself? I've read others use it, I only use sewers aid on the guides and sometimes on the cones. Since I don't use metallics, it usually doesn't solve a problem for me. I'll check the flywheel too - and change the needle again
  12. No broken needles -can't feel any burrs. I saw a previous post of a gal with the same problem. I re did the WD40 and oiling process. Really used a lot of WD40 and actually made it through the remainder of the row without a break. Will stop for the night while I'm ahead. Yes they are pre wounds. I'm thinking that may have something to do with my problem. I've been around the block more than a couple of times and know sometimes Jupiter and Mars are not aligned just right. Thanks for all your input. You all are a great resource. Hopefully I'll get this done tomorrow and the next job will be no problem.
  13. Thanks for responding. I'm quite sure the bobbin area is lint free (I do the pin thing frequently). I clean the area with a brush and compressed air after each row. I will check more closely for a thread that could be stuck somewhere in there.