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  1. Thank you all for the responses! Now, to spend some quality time playing on one at the dealer's. She has been great so far -- a little bit of a drive from where I live but then again everything is.
  2. Has anyone owned the Husqvarna Viking Ruby Deluxe sewing/embroidery machine? I'm looking to replace my DSM. I want one that can sew apparel, piece quilts, and also do embroidery. I've owned Singer, Bernina, and Janome machines and all of them have served me will but I don't have any experience with Viking or any embroidery machines. Consumer report has good things to say about them but there are only about 5 independent reviews online for this machine that I can find. 4 were good and 1 was not so good. I would greatly appreciate your honest input. If you have a similar machine of a different brand that you are particulary fond of, I would like to hear that too. Thanks y'all.