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    I will try this. Thanks!
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    My Mili was operating correctly...As I was starting to stitch the next row in the pantograph, I noticed the machine not working correctly. Had long stitches. I did a sample stitch off to the side. Stitching in regulated mode it stitched correctly going vertically. I tried the horizontal movement next which did not work. I also did a test in manual mode and the machine worked correctly. I think that tells me something is wrong with one of the encoders. I have Bliss on my 2004 Mili. i did put a call into APQS so I am sure I will be contacted tomorrow. But does anyone have a idea what went wrong? Thanks! LInda
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    thread shredding

    I had the same issue the other day. I had changed out the pigtails a month ago.....low and behold I checked the tension spring, and that had a groove cut in it. Changed the spring and no problems after that! Good luck!
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    2002 Millennium, 14' Table for Sale- (SOLD)

    Is this machine still available? Where in Mn are you located? I would be VERY interested! Thanks!