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  1. My Millie is on her way! Thank you, Mark, for contacting me. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  2. I am searching for a 2008 or newer Freedom or Millennium. If you are getting ready to sell yours or know of someone who would like to sell theirs please contact me. I would like either a 12' or 14' table. My email address is and my phone number is 209-295-5670. Thanks! PamAnn
  3. Forgot my e-mail address! Sorry. Please contact me. Thanks! Pam
  4. Hello Saftasgarden, I am looking for a 2008 Millie and would love to talk with you about her. I am so sorry that you have to find a new home for her, but maybe she can come live with me. I would give her a very good home. My name is Pam and I can be reached at 707-718-1371. I look forward to talking with you.
  5. Thanks for the info. I did receive the demo list from APQS, but the price is higher than I want to go. The Millies and Freddies are also equipped with the fabric advance. I really don't care to have that option. A good used machine will suit me just fine. PamAnn
  6. Hi Everyone, I've been quilting for a few years now and am really tired (literally) of pushing the fabric around to quilt. I am so ready to bring a Millie or Freddie home to help me out. I've narrowed it to these two as I demoed all I could find at MQX in Portland last week and I fell in love with these two. I need a 2008 or newer as I need Quilt Glide. I micro quilt and that feature with Bliss is truly amazing. I know I can add these options, so if the machine price is right I can afford to add those options. A 12' table is about all I can fit in my home without knocking out a wall. Any pantographs, rulers, needles, etc. would be greatly appreciated as well. Looking forward to hearing from you and maybe we can work our a deal. PamAnn