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  1. 2015 Lenni for Sale, 10 foot table, Bliss upgrade, includes Bobbin Winder, Ruler Base and Scoop Foot. Well maintained. $9,500 CAD. Purchaser responsible for take down, pick up or shipping. This machine is in Alberta, Canada. Call or text (780) 999-9915. I am advertising this for a customer who wishes to upgrade to a larger machine. Joanne Flamand
  2. 2012 Lenni for Sale, 12" Blissed Standard Table, with ruler base. $8000 CAD, is in the Edmonton, Alberta area. It can be shipped, which is the buyer's cost. Contact me at: joannestudioz@gmail.com for information, to set up a test drive using Covid precautions, or for a video demo of the machine. It is gently used for a pert-time business, which the owner did mostly custom quilting. Joanne Flamand SPOOLS: The Workshop (780) 913-3982
  3. Thanks Nigel, I would love to move this machine for the customer. She is open to offers! Thanks, Joanne
  4. 2003 Ultimate 1 is a basic, non-stitch regulated machine. 26 inch throat, 14' table, and a batting bar, This machine was used for a business, needs the wheels replaced, I would recommend M & M wheels. $2500, packaging and shipping is extra. The owner is open to offers. Please contact me at 780 913-3982. This machine can be seen at SPOOLS: The Workshop in Leduc, Alberta, Canada, and will pick up/ship from there. Joanne Flamand
  5. Jim, The owner said it does have a single stitch function. Joanne
  6. Jim, I am not sure, I will check with the owner. Joanne
  7. I am so sorry. I hope they will get foot and hand prints and pictures. Some hospitals have beautiful gowns to dress the baby in, and I hope they get lots of time to hold and cherish. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Joanne
  8. 2003 Ultimate I Long Arm Quilting Machine. $4000 CAD The Ultimate 1 is a non-stitch regulated machine made by APQS and has a 26" throat. This machine has had one owner. It has been well maintained and is in good condition. This machine comes with: 12 foot table Laser Light for pantographs 50 spools of thread, mostly cotton, many extra bobbins 40 Pantographs Several books on Long Arm quilting 2 packages of needles Machine Oil Machine Manual, Instructional DVDs This machine is in Vernon, British Columbia. Take down and shipping is the responsibility of the new owner. Please call 780 913-3982 for more information, or email to joannestudioz@gmail.com Local support for delivery and set up may be available.
  9. Hi Debbie: I always show "In Depth Discussion on Needle Flex and Tension" by Dawn that is on You Tube to my new machine owners, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOD5pLcYz3w. It is very good. I also recommend a finer thread in the bobbin, and if you tried the magnetic bobbins, make sure you remove the spring in the bobbin case. Whenever I get flatlining on the bottom, I start to tighten my top tension, (remember to go at least a 1/2 to one full turn to see a difference with the top tension), and find I may have to loosen the bottom tension a smidge to allow that bobbing thread to pull up into the batting layer. I am a real Glide fan with the pre-wound Magna Glide bobbins, but have also used Aurifill; Master Quilter, Deco Bob, Invisifil and Fabulux by Wonderfil and Sew Fine as well. If you are winding your bobbins, make sure they are found firmly, your bobbin should not feel spongy after winding it. On the USB stick that came with your machine, there is a really good article on tension by Dawn in the "Getting To Know Your Machine" section. I referred to that many times when I was getting used to my machine. Anyway, hope this helps, it takes time to adjust to a different machine. Joanne Flamand APQS Canada Education, Sales and Dealer Support
  10. Maureen: There are three Sales Reps in Illinois, you can try contacting them to see if they have spare parts, I am not sure how close they are to you. They are on the dealer site under "Find a Dealer" on APQS.com. Good Luck! Joanne Flamand APQS Canada National Educator/Western Sales Support
  11. Andrea: Sorry, I hadn't read down to see your first post. What if you bring your table up a bit with the hydraulic lift, then lower the table feet to level the table? (If the table is level with the hydraulics? If you have carpet, will a small square of plywood under each foot help? Not sure what else to offer. I can check with Dylan later at the studio. We usually level the table first to the lowest level the legs will give us, and then loosen the large black bolts directly under the leg portion, insert the hydraulic lift 'claw' and then tighten up the large black bolt. (But you have already done that.) Hope you are enjoying your new home! Joanne Flamand APQS Canada-Western Sales Support and Education (780) 913-3982
  12. Even just echoing the Celtic appliqué would be effective. Love the idea of the ghost quilting in the plain white blocks. Why don't you take the shape of the appliqué going around the edge and put it in the coloured shapes, with the centre block put an orange peel from the centre. I think cross hatching or piano key border would set off the quilt. It is very pretty - I look forward to seeing what you do! Joanne Flamand APQS Canada - Sales and Education (780) 913-3982
  13. Congratulations Myrna! What a beautiful place! Joanne Flamand APQS Sales and Education - Canada
  14. I have had my Quilt Path for over a year and am enjoying is so much. Here are three very similar quilts with three different patterns. Thanks for looking! Joanne Flamand APQS Canada-Sales and Education (780) 913-3982
  15. Wasn't it fun! I love seeing everyone's results from her workshops in lovely Alberta!! Joanne Flamand APQS Sales and Education - Canada www.artisticquiltdesign.com
  16. I would give Grace a call to see what they say, you have some 'junk' floating around in the background that is slowing everything down. Make sure your tablet is turned off to the internet if you haven't done that already. I have saved some dense pantos, don't think it has taken this long, but Grace will be able to advise you the best. Joanne Flamand APQS Sales and Education - Canada www.artisticquiltdesign.com
  17. Very nice! Great job! Joanne Flamand APQS Sales and Education - Canada www.artisticquiltdesign.com
  18. I love the boards too! Our renters love how wonderful their efforts look. Your quilts look great! Joanne Flamand APQS Sales and Education - Canada www.artisticquiltdesign.com
  19. I find when I wind the thread guides in the opposite direction the thread comes off the cone (i.e. clockwise or counter clockwise) , I have less kinks and tension runs beautifully. I loved the samples of Magnifico the customers were getting with their new machines and I did try it. For 3 hours . . . . .and decided I was not going to carry that brand. I had a lot of fraying. Changed needles, my second machine was brand new at that time, so the thread guides were brand new, no grooves, etc. Played with tension, and decided this brand wasn't for me. You have that piece of batting in the first thread guide above the cone? Such a sophisticated fix to bouncing thread. I am a fan of magna glides, I also usually use an 80/20 batt. A very flat batt with give you more challenges, so usually a 100% cotton batt is flat and can pose more challenges. If you wind your own, (and I do with silk) the tension should result in a firmly wound bobbin. No 'squishiness' when you press on the the wound thread. Direction of stitches, speed, also affect the quality of your stitch. Lots to learn, but I have made the choice to work with about 4 types of thread and don't give my customer choices if they want a different thread. I just know what runs on my machine the best to give them the best stitch quality. I always go back to Dawn's article on tension . . . can't bang that drum enough! Joanne Flamand APQS Sales and Education - Canada www.artisticquiltdesign.com
  20. Yes, wine is good! Have you checked for a burr on the hook, and have you broken or hit something (even thick seams) that could throw your timing off a bit? Joanne Flamand APQS Sales and Education - Canada
  21. Ardelle, I SOOOO enjoyed seeing his quilt (and you, Roger and Kathleen of course!) yesterday at the show. You are an inspiration! See you at Claudia's classes! Joanne Flamand APQS Sales and Education - Canada www.artisticquiltdesign.com
  22. You might check with Angela Clark at the Raleigh APQS Store, she may know of used machines in the area, or owners who want to sell their machine to upgrade. Good Luck! Joanne Flamand APQS Sales and Education - Canada www.artisticquiltdesign.com
  23. Hey, Jetgirl, way to 'take off!' Great to meet you in Austin, and I will look forward to more quilts to come! Joanne Flamand APQS Sales and Education - Canada www.artisticquiltdesign.com
  24. We use the deluxe tables and PFA for our Lucy's that are on the road for out Pop up Rentals and it is a sweet set up! Joanne Flamand APQS Sales and Education - Canada www.artisticquiltdesign.com
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