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  1. As I was walking out the door yesterday to go on vacation I received a flyer in the mail from AARP saying that they carried home business insurance with Hartford (I think) for AARP members. I didn't have time to read it all but put it in my inbox to read when I get back from vacation. Many of us are probably AARP members and this would be a nice benefit.
  2. Sauerkraut lovers only--We make a sauerkraut, potatoes and Polish sausage soup, cream of mushroom soup, chicken broth, carrots, celery, onion, cooked chicken, fresh mushrooms. Season with pepper and diluted. Top with bacon and boiled eggs. I think I have made in top of stove but this last time put it in the crockpot as suggested and it was wonderful. First time I made it, husband said he didn't like sauerkruat but he now loves it. This recipe was a winner in some contest. But we love all soups including everything mentioned in above posts.
  3. Just want to post my sincere thanks to Patti for helping me with a long on-going problem with my Millie. Even thought I was not a customer of hers, she took time to answer my email and within half an hour I had an answer to my problem that only took about five minutes to fix. Anyone who has Patti for a dealer is very lucky.
  4. Jim, if now one responds please let her know that Intelliquilter now services Compuquilter. I have seen posting that several people have been helped.
  5. Have you tried contacting Zoltan at IQ. He took over servicing Compuquilter. Maybe he can help.
  6. The doctors say EM is cancer free--no leukemia. Today she had the broviac line removed She is attending school as she can between continued visits to clinic to monitor blood, kidneys, etc. She was diagnosed on 3/4/16 and the past few months have been rough. Thank you for your prayers. The family believes strongly in prayer.
  7. You have IQ and I have found that is better than my Millie by itself. When you buy a Millie you pay for the cutter, about $500 which most of us never use, Quilt Guide was about $1300 and I have never used mine in six years. You have channel locks on the IQ. I have never used the rear controls since I got the IQ. Not everyone at AOQS knows how to adjust wheels (at least the M&M wheels), so my thought is keep your present machine and enjoy your IQ.
  8. My daughter just called to ask for more prayers for EM (age 14). Thanks to all your prayers she had made it through three rounds of chemo and was in the hospital waiting to go home for a few days before the last round of chemo. Last Thursday everything looked good with the blood counts. She caught an infection and has been put into an induced coma as the infection is impacting her lungs, blood pressure and heart. They are waiting for some special medicine. Her mother said it was 50/50 at the moment. The family believes in the power of prayer and thanks you for your recent prayers. Wed. 6/1
  9. We recently had people going door to door in a company uniform saying they were checking on TV satellite service and had had reports of poor service in our neighborhood and could he come into the house and check the strength of service. I told him no and then called the local police department and was told that they were aware of the scam and did not know why the people were trying to get into homes. The only advice the police department gave was not to let them in. I wonder how many older senior citizens were convinced to let him in.
  10. Someone suggested that perhaps the discoloration was from the starch and suggested that I use a damp cloth and try wiping it off. I think it has taken off all the discoloration. Will check again in the morning but I think it is ok. Thanks for the suggestions.
  11. Just finished a king quilt for a new customer. The 2" border didn't look that bad lying on the check in table but had some excess fabric when I was quilting. Happened to watch a video this morning about how easy it is to use starch to ease in excess fabric. I have been aware of the technique but had never tried it. First excess in the border came out great so I decided to touch up some of the other spots of the border that had some excess fabric. (You know that I really wanted to do a great job for the new customer!) At one point apparently the excess had extended into the body of the quilt.
  12. I bought Marathon early on when I first bought my Millie. It worked well on my machine but then I started buying Glide so only use it when I need a specific color.
  13. She has finished 10 days of chemo. Had the flu on top of chemo so was a very sick young lady. Lost her hair the first of the week but hopefully can go home for a week. Then back to the hospital for another 10 days of chemo and more time in the hospital. Thank you for your prayers.
  14. Last Friday my daughter's best friend took her 14 year old daughter (M.E. pronounced Emmy) to the doctor for what they presumed was strep throat. The blood work came back ALM Leukemia which my daughter says is a very aggressive type. By Sunday evening this fun loving teenager had undergone a spinal tap, had a port installed and several hours of chemo. Her chemo schedule will be daily for three weeks while she must stay in the hospital, then a week off. I think there are three months of chemo scheduled at this time. Both parents work and have two younger children. Any prayers would be appre
  15. NO, but I have IQ and love it. Just finished an appliqué quilt and used the no sew feature. If you doing custom work, be sure the system has all the options you will need.