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  1. It has been a long time since I have been on this site! but here is another way to baste: Use the channel lock to make a straight horizontal line to line up the top and lay the top along the line. Then with a speed of around 9 (I sometimes use the stitch regulator) I stitch just outside the top and every couple of inches or so I stitch just at the edge of the top like a tiny "v" to tack it down. I started doing this when there was a lot of fullness and just stitching a straight line made pleats or didn't let me distribute the fullness easily. Now I just do it all the time. It really helps
  2. whew! buying a new sewing machine is worse than buying a new car! After all, when buying a new car (as usual with hubby) I can always blame part of it on him if the one we pick could have been better! There are so many things new technologies to learn about, test, figure out if one really needs them etc.etc. and the prices are so significant! Everyone says that one should bring along everything you think is important to sew and see if you like the machine. Let's see, by the time I try them all, I will have made a king size quilt and bound it, never mind trying lots of the decorative stitching.
  3. I took it off the frame and, Voila! Heidi was right (off course) the fullness isn't noticeable! Thanks, Heidi!
  4. Hi, all, I just broke my Viking Quilt Designer 2, and don't want to put a lot more money into it since they don't make the D-cards (like floppies) any more. So I am wondering about the new Janome horizon 8900 and 8200. I was reading on PatternReview.com that some were noticing that with their 1/4 inch foot, that using the single hole needle plate, the 1/4 inch was not a scant 1/4 inch but a huge 1/4 inch? Has anyone tried these machines or bought one? Dealer is an hour away, and other brands are more than an hour away and in the opposite direction! Any opinions would be appreciated!
  5. Dear, dear Heidi, Thank you for replying! I shall just go with it. Now that I have your opinion I feel better about it, and calmer. Upon reflection, i guess if it is really too full, maybe I can sneak in an extra holly berry if it looks too wavy! Whew, I just don't have that many quilts that I have done. I kinda get quilts that the other two professional quilters with lots of experience (one has an intelliquilter) in my area don't have time for in the crunch time around Christmas. Otherwise I basically quilt my own or for charity and for friends! Thanks again! Back to work... Carol
  6. Oh quilt gurus, please tell me what you do: I am doing a Christmas quilt where the center section has 6 x 24" pieced blocks put together as horizontal strips going one under the other. The two side sections are composed of 6 x18 inch horizontal strips if various Christmas fabrics. I am using QD Puff. The panto is a simple Christmas Holly( P Ritter's). The panto looks great on the plain fabric strips, but the pieced section is having issues with fullness in some areas. I was hoping to just panto it, but now I have felt I needed to stitch in the ditch at least ( sometimes more) around the recta
  7. Oh that really stinks! maybe this is the time to catch up on reading, or drawing new quilting designs! Do let your family spoil you!!
  8. Hmm. I don't remember all them saying they needed to be tweaked when I bought my Milli 2 yrs ago. I think I remember only one company that said that. By and large the dealers usually make certain they work really well for the very reason you mentioned: customer not going home with a machine. But that said, I looked at the web sites of the major companies like APQS, Gammill, Innova, Nolting, A1. Looked for a dealer, as near to me as possible and then went to try their machine. One company's dealer that wasn't near me found out there was someone who lived only an hour away and set up for me to
  9. Watch out world, the "Have hammer, will quilt" ladies (ok,ok and gentlemen) are on the loose!
  10. There's www.5bucksayard.com .Has anyone tried it? I have on my list but can't remember who told me about it.
  11. Thanks, Heidi! I get to relying on the forum, Dawn and Amy. Good lesson in "go back to the manual first!"
  12. Hi, Sylvia and Heidi, did you get directions from Amy or just put it on the way you took it off? Thanks!
  13. The rattle in my machine (Milli) was also the hood and stopped when I tightened up the hood.
  14. Lynn, I have the directions for installing the M&M wheels in front of me and it says "install the new wheel using the indicated shims and spacer. From the bottom up: ...black wheel with the snap ringside up...". So it looks like the the wheels are not able to to be inserted by reversing to the other side. The new M&M wheels that I got from APQS don't have any other color on them but black. The yellow ones had a wide yellow ring next to where the bolt went through.
  15. Sylvia, The M&M wheels are not on Bliss! The Bliss system is the for the way the carriage rides on the table! The M&M wheels are the ones that are attached to the bottom of the machine and do the front to back movement. When I got Bliss, it required a new carriage and new wheels for the front back movement were the M&Ms. It was just a batch of M&M's that had the Yellow bearings that had some defective ones. Just son't buy one that have the yellow bearings.
  16. Hi, all, there was a topic about removing the thread cutter from Millenniums to make the machine feel less heavy. Even though I put on Bliss, my 2010 Milli was feeling "heavy". So I phoned Amy to ask how to remove the thread cutter. She asked if I had the yellow bearings on the M&M wheels on the carriage for the front and back motion. Apparently, some, not all by any means of the bearings were wearing out or defective and it wasn't the thread cutter making the machine heavy. I changed out the M&M wheels to new ones she sent me and the movement feels "like new". I can't describe the pr
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