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  1. Check into shipping costs. Seems that the rate was about $550 a few years ago (from Iowa to AZ). Even at that, it's a good deal!
  2. Bumping this back to the top with another reduction in price! Would make someone a great Christmas gift!
  3. YES! The machine is available & ready for her new home! Please email me at: or call my cell: 928-951-0030 (Can't take personal calls at work, but leave a message & I'll get back with you after hours, East Coast Time).
  4. That would be great, Linda. It would be even better if we didn't have to deal with shipping; but if we do, then I've gone through the process before & can provide some guidance. Thanks so much! Pat Frost Cell Phone: 928-951-0030
  5. Up to the top! Check out the's for a gently used Millennium with lots of extras! Thanks for looking! Pat Frost Cell: 928-951-0030
  6. Bringing this back to the top! Lots of extras go with this great machine! Pat Frost 928-951-0030
  7. Bringing this back to the top! This is a dandy of a machine--selling with about everything you need to start a business! Thanks for looking! Pat Frost 928-951-0030 Machine located in central Arizona