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  1. I’m in Topeka and may be interested in the Cosmos boards
  2. I may contact you about the Cosmos boards. Thank you
  3. Does anyone know the name of this quilting design board? I am needing to purchase another board. Thank you
  4. I am hoping someone can identify this quilt block. I am wanting to make it but can’t find it anywhere and haven’t figured out the instructions. Thank you!!
  5. I have been using Groz-Beckert 110/18 size needles on my Millie. Is this the size other Millie owners use? I read elsewhere that this may be too large, but read in a few APQS articles that this is the correct size. I use Glide 40 weight thread. Thank you
  6. This is what I have been working on. Had a HUGE bag of scrap fabric that was driving me nuts seeing it sit there. Organized it and cut into strips. The block is called Diamonds are Forever. I have all the blocks ready, just need to sew them all together
  7. Cleaning quilting room and selling designs I have never used Includes 20 designs. Never used. $15 plus shipping. PayPal accepted
  8. Two separate pantographs. “Always and Forever” is 6.25” wide and is $10 plus shipping. Rose is 5” wide border and is $6 plus shipping. PayPal accepted. Cross posted
  9. Two different jungle designs. $10 each plus shipping. Each are 11.5” wide. PayPal accepted
  10. Vickie, what I mean is that they are still available
  11. Yes they are! I also found another book I have also by Darlene Epp that is the Pocket Guide to Freehanding- Borders & Sashings. It is 56 pages and am selling it for $25. Would you be interested in that one also?
  12. Over five years ago a wonderful lady on this forum replied to one of my posts on this forum. She complimented me on the quilt I made and use as my profile picture. She wanted to know if I would share the pattern with her. We ended up being friends on Facebook and texted and called each other. She lived about 12 hours away from me. We had so much in common we could have been sisters. We were modern day pen pals so to speak. We always planned to meet in person, but something always got in the way. My dear friend passed away last month from cancer after being diagnosed late last fall. Even though we never met in person, I considered her my dearest friend. I never did find the pattern to the quilt that started our friendship so I sent her the actual quilt. I wish I had sent it years ago to her. Don’t minimize the friendships made here. They truly make a difference in people’s lives. Until we meet in heaven Diana
  13. Hooked on Feathers $10 plus shipping. Pair of Pocket Guide to Freehanding $15 for the pair plus shipping. PayPal only
  14. Do you mind sending me a list with your prices? I may have found one or two from someone else that I am interested in but I know I am wanting more designs. My email is tyrahansen@aol.com Thank you!
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